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You already know that you’re fabulous. Invest in a personal stylist in London to make sure the rest of the world knows it too!

Coathanger is based in London and houses a team of expert fashion stylists and image consultants. We provide a precise, expert and honest third eye when you are making those all important style and image decisions. You deserve the best so feel free to browse through our services to find the one that suits you. is your resource to communicate your best self. As we grow we experiment with different styles specific for you and always arrive at a perfectly bespoke “look” .

We all try not to be judgmental, but whether we like it or not the fact is, people judge our “likeability” within the first three seconds of meeting us. So a useful question for us to ask ourselves is “are we projecting our best to the world?” To be our best we must ask ourselves is “not bad” good enough? Investing your time with an image consultant in London is an investment in yourself and your future. A fashion stylist will work with you to assure that what you choose to wear represents the best ‘you’ possible. A personal stylist can make the difference between success and failure whether you are heading to a job interview, first date or company event. How you look is a huge part of how other people perceive you.

You deserve your own personal stylist who will act as your image consultant, fashion stylist and best friend. Unlike the in-store stylists, Coathanger’s personal stylists are not affiliated to any one shop or brand and will give you some honest and friendly advice as to exactly what makes you look fabulous for all occasions.
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