How To Dress In This Blustery Spring Weather

Spring is in full-stride and whilst we’re anticipating the warmer weather to come, it isn’t quite upon us yet. Although it isn’t like us Brits to complain about the weather…the misleading warm mornings and blustery afternoons are causing havoc in our Spring style! However, with the help of Coathanger founder Suzanne Bernie we’ve compiled some top tips to solve our Spring style problems. Read more to find out how to dress for Spring and combat the fluctuating temperatures!

Chilly mornings and warm afternoons

Deciding what to wear when the weather is so unpredictable is a difficult one! Whilst the mornings are usually chilly or wet the sun seems to pop out in the afternoons, making your morning choices look a little wintery. The answer to this problem is to wear your spring outfit, that’s NOT summer that’s SPRING! Then slip a spring coat over the top. Choose one that is thick enough to keep the chill away but fluid as you walk. Add a brightly printed wide, preferably cashmere or silk scarf and your good to go! (Wearing a cashmere or silk scarf will give you warmth but still keeps a light spring effect). Oh and just in case throw a small brolly in your bag!!


Starting with a base white tee shirt is always a good place to start. It works in two ways; you can tuck it in to keep you warm and cosy, just showing the white of the scoop neck. Or wear it out, which is cooler and allows you to show both the white of the neck line and the white of rib round the bottom. Giving you an un-tucked relaxed look. Slip over a silk or cotton collarless shirt. Giving you another layer and dressing up your outfit instantly then by adding a fine cardigan and a spring jacket will now give you a four layer option. NEVER forgetting the all important statement necklace.

NB: Best white t/shirts can be found in Uniqlo – Scoop neck in all forms, vest, short sleeve and long sleeve. Amazing quality and shape and super soft!!! (£9.90 each).


On these chilly mornings you may want to pull on your winter boots but HOLD THAT THOUGHT!! Choose something lighter, go for a brogue or a flat pump, worn with tights or socks. This will give you the option to take them off and go bare…once the sun comes outs.  If you prefer a heel then it could be an idea to go in warmer flats and change to heels during the day. This gives you both comfort and sophistication all in one day!

For more fashion advice from fashion experts, head on over to our blog to read more of our tips!






Shopaholic to the Stars’ Book Launch + Competition!

If you’re looking for a fashion inspired good read, then you’re in luck!

Sophie Kinsella has recently released her new book, ‘Shopaholic to the Stars’ and Penguin, her publishers, have asked the wonderful Stylists at Coathanger to be the prize for the lucky competition winner!

The Book

Becky Brandon is in Hollyword and is eager to pursue a career that she has been dreaming of her entire life: being a celebrity stylist. Her husband is managing hot-shot actor Sage Seymour and she wants to get out there and see all there is to see with her best friend Suze! However, things don’t go according to plan and she has a lot of choices to make when her chance arises…will her dream job cost her too much? Find out more about Shopaholic to the Stars and where to buy yours here.

shopholic to the stars book competition













The Competition

When Penguin contacted us here at Coathanger to be the prize of a competition ran alongside the launch of Shopaholic to the Stars, we were excited to support Sophie Kinsella with her number one bestseller! To celebrate the release of the sensational new book, we’re offering you the chance to win a FREE personalised online stylist session with Coathanger founder Suzanne Bernie and £250 to spend on clothes! If you’re a UK reader and love Shopaholic to the Stars as much as we do, enter the competition here. Let us know what clothes you’d buy if you won at @Coathangernet and tweet us a picture of you holding your copy!


Suzanne Bernie of Coathanger trains Harvey Nichols Sales Team to Style the ‘Coathanger Way’!

Founder and managing director of Coathanger, Suzanne Bernie, has been sharing her wisdom with the sales teams at Harvey Nichols!

Over a 6 week period Suzanne has been giving Styling Presentations to the Style Advisors within the Style Concierge department of Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge. Suzanne’s presentations were then piloted throughout selected Sales Teams coming from branches all over the country.

Suzanne has enjoyed sharing her passion for everything fashion with the Style Advisers and selected floor staff and is eager to style as many people as possible according to their own personal size, shape, colouring, life style and budget.

The extremely successful Styling Training courses have received a brilliant response from all who took part. Helping team members listen to their customers and understand their lifestyle, body shape and image requirements to help dress them in the perfect pieces that can become staples within their wardrobes – whether to be for the office or for an evening out.

Suzanne’s style presentations have given style advisors a new light into understanding sizes and shapes of garments and customers’ body shape, as well as understanding the difference between a brief and a personal profile. It is essential for any of the team who is client facing to know how to work with a wide spectrum of cultures, colouring and budgets and Suzanne has been giving the advisors training on how to do this, what questions to ask customers to achieve the ultimate choice of garments – resulting in a stylish outfit that makes the customer feel comfortable and look amazing in their outfit choices.

Suzanne was recommend to The Group HR & People Development Director by The Managing Director UK & International Business Development for The Sales Director for Donna Karen. Suzanne was extremely interested in taking up this opportunity and sharing her 21 years experience with the Sales Advisors at Harvey Nichols. Coathanger enjoyed the liberating experience and has gone on to complete two more style presentations in London which will be followed by a one day Styling Presentation in the Birmingham Harvey Nichols this month!

To find out more about Coathanger and the styling sessions we offer, get in touch now or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The Relationship Between Quality Materials and Quality Clothes

As consumers, most of us are aware of the phrase “you pay for what you get.” This also applies to fashion. It is surprising how many people do not make the connection – to look good, excellent fabrics and materials are needed before the garments are even made!

coathanger 1











Quality not quantity.

You could have a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes, but if they are poorly made it will be noticeable and make your outfit look cheap. Quality clothes attract wanted attention!


Clothes are often designed for a purpose. A sign of good quality clothes is whether the designer has created the garment with a purpose in mind and ensured that the garment is durable for that purpose. Beachwear which fades after being in the sea is not designed with purpose in mind.

Remember that someone who has the genuine passion, skill, and dedication to design clothes will make a quality item.


What does quality look like?

Quality lies in the heart of the raw ingredients, and this can be assessed based on the designers principles for sourcing and producing its clothing ingredients and eventual end products. A perfect example of this is the company Private White VC ( All their garments are made in England and there is a true family connection about the business. The brand uses fabrics originating from local mills, while traditional crafting skills are adhered to which makes for a high quality and very satisfying product.

Private White VC have opened a new branch in London’s Mayfair district bringing further quality to an already stylish area.

coathanger 2










Above: Inside Private Whites new Mayfair store.


The company creative director Nick Ashley explains “Over the past four years, the quality of our product has vastly improved. We’ve gone from having our quality determined by suppliers to now having great pride in what we do and sourcing the best materials and trims. We’ve found ourselves with a very expensive, luxury product.” This goes to the very heart of the point.

coathanger 3













Above: What quality doesn’t look like!


The British argument.

There is growing voice for more and more items to be ‘home made’ rather than produced aboard and imported. Private White VC and others are good champions for this. It is well regarded that no one makes quality clothes like Britain but for this to become common place and accessible to all, more factories need to be built and younger people need to gain interest and employment in the field.

coathanger 4








Actively seek the quality

Do not pick a garment up and accept it for what it is. Scan the item – does the label have any quality assurance disclaimers or guarantees? Remember also to ask ask ask people if they have brought any of the brands items before and how they found them.


Remember, there is no price on quality, looking good and feeling great!


For further information or a consolation please get in touch with me at

Tall and Proud!

Whilst many clothes stores have entire petite ranges for those on the smaller side, it can be hard for taller women to know what clothes do and don’t suit their body shape.

Being tall should not mean that you can’t look fabulous, especially as most models are beautiful and tall just like you!

Top Shop do a great range for  you lucky people.

Trust me being 5.5ft with a husband who’s 6.3ft, a few extra inches wouldn’t go a miss!

Dorothy Perkins , Banana Republic and J Crew cater for tall ladies wishing to purchase from the high street.

While DKNY, Armani, Max Mara, and Diesel are all examples of fabulous designer collections who cater for the taller ladies!

Read on for more tips on how to dress and what items should be staple in your wardrobe.



There is an age old myth that tall women can’t wear heels, that is simply not true. Tall women can look stunning in heels as they make your long legs look even more gorgeous! If in doubt, start out by wearing smaller heels such as kitten heels until you feel more comfortable.

Nicole Kidman is a perfect example of tall women who look beautiful in heels –

nicole kidmanSource:












When purchasing trousers it is essential that you ensure they are the correct length, you don’t want to be walking around with trousers that look like they have shrunk in the wash! Many high street and high end brands cater for taller sizes in trousers now so don’t hesitate trying on multiple lengths. High waisted trousers are great at highlighting your legs and bringing more focus to your waist. Uniqlo have a great service. All their amazing Japanese denim jeans come in a 34 inside leg, and they offer a free ‘take up’ service.

Skirts & Dresses

When it comes to skirts and dresses your height gives you an advantage. All skirt lengths flatter your long legs ,whether this be a knee length, slim fitting pencil skirt, a maxi skirt worn with a long top and a hip belt or an elegant flowing gown!


Big jewels are essential to enhance any outfit. Large size bangle and rings will work with your body shape and look cool and stylish. Don’t be afraid to go wild and add layers of bracelets and bold necklaces. Long scarves can be worn with blazers and coats, leather bomber jackets or full length coats.


Bags should be large so they look important and don’t disappear. For evening it can be smaller but no less important, go wild with colour or embellishment.

Outfit Ideas

When appropriate, make your legs your main feature. For work and casual wear, pair a pencil skirt with a contrasting blouse with some stilettos. The contrast of colours between the skirt and the blouse will add some depth to your waist whilst the pencil skirt will give a flash of your legs looking fabulous in some gorgeous stilettos. An effortless look that never stops looking great!

midi skirt











How To Recognise Your Body Shape

When it comes to finding a style that suits you, one of the main factors that contribute to how you look in your clothes, is your body shape!

Your body shape effects how your clothes fall and which parts of your body they enhance, flatter or do just not suit.

If you’re struggling to recognise your body shape, continue reading to find out what will suit you best!


Women who are apple shaped usually find that they have little or no waist.

Apple shaped women commonly hold most of their weight around their middle, however as their legs are their best features it is always good to make them the main feature.

Avoid wearing short jackets and pleated skirts as this will not be flattering, instead opt for long line and floaty tops with low necklines adding length to the chest area. A skinny or slim line pair of trouser or jeans will work well and show of the best part of your body. Add a lined jacket (to avoid clinging) which, when worn open will make your upper body narrower.

apple body shapeSource:










Women who are pear shaped are usually bigger on the bottom half (your hips, bottom and thighs) and smaller on the top (your waist, shoulders and bust).

To accentuate your figure to the fullest, add bold coloured tops , long or short sleeve with interesting necklines to help draw the attention away from your lower body.

Wear darker colours to your bottom half making it less important. Avoid wearing pencil skirts or tight fitting clothes that emphasise your bottom and hips.

pear body shape














Women who are hourglass shape have a full bust a small waist with curvaceous hips. It is important to not wear oversized clothes that will drown your figure, instead choose fitted and interesting tops with a high lycra content to accommodate a large bust. Shirts and blouses could gape at the cleavage so add a white vest top underneath and open buttons. Avoid long oversized jumpers (unless used with a waist hugging belt) and invest in some wrap dresses to accentuate your many curves.

hourglass body shape













Women who have a rectangular body shape usually are equally proportioned, although this doesn’t mean that these women don’t have a bust and behind. These women commonly want to create the illusion of curves with their clothing. You can do this by wearing coats that have belts, that cinches in at your waist to make your figure look more hourglass. The layered look works well and can look great with skinny jeans or a long maxi skirt. Make sure jackets are the correct length , a bomber jacket in suede or leather is great for all occasions and accessories work well with layers of necklaces.

rectangle body shape













Are You Wearing The Correct Bra Size?

Was your New Year’s Resolution to take better care of your appearance and love the body you’re in?

Before you even consider redefining your style with a whole new wardrobe ask yourself a very important question…… ‘Are you wearing the correct sized bra?’

Quiet incredibly studies show that a shocking EIGHT out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size!

Whilst many women go through their daily lives with the incorrect bra size, few know the affects that it is having on their bodies not to mention their appearances.


  • If your bra is too tight it can cause frequent headaches due to tension on your back and shoulders
  • A bra that is too tight can also make your back bulge and look unflattering in figure hugging clothes as it changes your body shape…
  • If your bra is too loose and you aren’t getting the right support for your size (whether this be small or large), you could develop back pains that can affect you daily during simple tasks.
  • Your clothes will look completely different when your bra fits correctly



  • One bra will not work for all tops
  • A nude bra is essential
  • Try on a t-shirt over a bra before purchase
  • Keep the back fastening on the middle hook
  • Make sure the straps are at the correct level


Not only does wearing the wrong size bra affect you physically, it also affects how your clothes fit you and how they look overall once on. You may dismiss clothes because they fit you poorly but with a correctly fitting bra it could suit your body shape perfectly. If you have a correctly fitting bra you will have the correct support and lift for your size, which will help your clothes fall elegantly over your figure and give you more shape. Unlike with an incorrect sized bra, you may be lacking in lift which will make your clothes fall over your curves and diminish your shape altogether.


It is essential that you get yourself professionally fitted on a yearly basis, especially after having a baby, during menstruation and during menopause.

Your body is changing all the time and you shouldn’t deny it the simple necessity of having a correct fitted bra.


For great service and excellent quality make an appointment for a fitting at either Rigby and Peller or your nearest Debenhams











Dressed in Denim for Spring/Summer 2015

Now that January has taken centre stage and we’re slowly putting our Winter woollies away until next year, an emerging fashion trend is on the horizon that will add edge and style to your everyday outfits!

Denim is back and it is huge. Ditch the Winter jackets and cotton tights and trade it for a bang on trend look that will help you reinvent yourself for Spring/Summer 2015.

Top designers such as Gucci and Stella McCartney are going all out with layered denim designs with different shades of denim all in one item of clothing! Denim jeans should always be a staple in your Spring wardrobe, but this season denim is making a whole new comeback in the form of shirt dresses and jumpsuits.

Gucci layered denim shirt dressGucci












Fendi have also revealed their oversized light wash cropped jeans design. Forget full length jeans and boots, pair this cropped number with some stilettos for a chic Spring look!

Fendi oversized cropped jeansFendi












Banish the January blues, and Winter coats, by adding a new staple item to your wardrobe! Chloë Sevigny has designed this stunning denim coat that will look perfect with the new colours of Spring/Summer.

Chloe long denim coatChloë












If plain denim isn’t your style, Dolce & Gabbana have the perfect jeans for you! Bejazzled with gems and crystals, boyfriend jeans have never been cuter…

dolce and gabanna boyfriend jeansDolce & Gabbana












Will you be welcoming denims 2015 comeback?

What’s New For the New Year?

Black and White

Although the black and white combo has been a favourite for many years, in Spring 2015 it is going to be everywhere in a number of different patterns, textures and styles to suit everyone! Whether it’s a long length flowing cardigan or some slim leg black and white gingham trousers, black and white should be your go-to statement outfit.













One Shoulder Designs

Spring 2015 will be the perfect time to put away your Winter jumpers and be a part of the one shoulder trend. Add a pop of colour to your work outfit with a classic blue one shoulder tops or spice up your date night outfit with a blushing one shoulder dress, your shoulders should become your best asset!














Brave in Yellow

A new year is always the perfect time to reinvent yourself and recreate your wardrobe! Step away from the greys and burgundys of Winter and brighten up your outfits with a burst of yellow. Yellow is going to be the statement colour of Spring 2015 and although it can be a difficult colour to wear, once you have found the right shade for your skin tone you can liven up your evening and work wear with a pop of colour that is perfect for the new year!














Just when you have put your gingham trousers away for the Winter, gingham is back bang on trend for Spring 2015. Gingham two-pieces and gingham dresses should be a staple in your wardrobe for the early part of next year.













Stealing The Show At Your Work Christmas Party

Party season is here and by now you should be planning on what to wear to your works Christmas night out, taking into consideration the temperature restraints and current Winter trends that will guarantee you make an entrance that will have all your co-workers looking on in awe!

Glittery and sequin covered dresses are in this Christmas and there is a wide range of choices in both high end and highstreet stores that will add a chic and festive feel to your outfit – perfect for the Christmas season!










£399 – Karen Millen



A great idea for a show stopping Christmas party oufit is a dress with mesh sleeves to add a seductive touch to a stylish evening dress. Match this with some statement jewellery and some killer heels and you’re ready to dance the night away!









£599 – Karen Millen



Are you attending a more formal party? Why not sweep into the venue in style with a flowing maxi number! A sleek maxi dress will make your legs appear longer and gives a more elegant feel whilst you sweep across the dance floor!







£44 – Anthropologie



Accessorise your outfit with a pop of colour! Choose jewellery that compliments your skin tone and can form the underlying colour scheme of your outfit.










£68 – Anthropologie



If your outfit has a deep neckline, pair this with some bold jewellery.



Compliment your outfit with a clutch bag to hold all your party essentials, as well as look stunning with your outfit! If you’re going to be dancing around your bag, you should at least make sure it’s a stylish bag…


£175 – Marc Jacobs
















£250 – Whistles


Who says dresses are for parties? Jumpsuits are hot this year so why not take the jump! Black jumpsuits are great for accessorising with some vibrant festive greens and reds.

A top and skirt combo is perfect for a work party, elegant and clean looking – perfect to match with silver jewellery and smokey makeup!






£120 – Whistles











£175 – Whistles




Complete your outfit with some classy heels to add the finishing touches and extra sparkle! Killer heels will perfect your outfit and have you coworkers wondering where you got your style ideas from….






£250 – Karen Millen




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