The Per-FUR-fect Winter Coat?

The Per-FUR-fect Winter Coat?

Like it or hate it? Both real and faux fur our huge this season and the wilder the better. If you saw the collections by Cavalli, Alexander McQueen and Fendi then you know that bold, multi coloured fur coats are seriously stylish this winter and it’s not hard to see why and impossible to walk by without stroking these wild beasts!




This fur look is stylish and seriously funky. The striking colours are incredibly eye catching, with the use of different length furs on one garment making textures and movement incredible. They are the perfect overcoats where keeping warm meets a highly stylish lux look.

The Alexander McQueen (middle) even comes with a hood detail for extra warmth. This look works well for those travelling to or living in very cold climates.

Fur and fur trimmed hand bags and back packs are everywhere and can be added to any outfit for that furry feel.


Just look at the array of colours, hard to choose………


If you are of the opinion that real is wrong then go for the fantastic choices of FAUX.

Faux Fur, Just like Faux leather and a faux tan simple means a man-made alternative to the natural thing and no animals have been harmed.

Faux fur is a big feature on the high street and here you can see a faux fur pink clutch and a cream coat with gorgeous pink collar detail to have a colourful fun faux fur fashion look.



pink purse



Here we see more of the shaggy look and is great for any occasion. This stunning pure white long haired fur coat is a real eye catcher. Worn open with a layered colourful dress and cardigan that contrasts the white for a stylish look. A coat with this purity of colour can be teamed with any style underneath and can be layered over anything from a hoody or denim jacket with a casual look but can also be worn on a glamorous night out to set off any evening wear.



This style of fur coat has a more casual feel and will be great worn with cropped Jeans and ankle boots. It would also look great teamed over a hoody or jean-jacket taking an everyday casual look and making it anything but!



However you feel about the use of fur in fashion you cannot deny it’s an exciting look for this season.


Friends: Fashionistas and Faux Pas



Friends the iconic TV show is 20 years old and to celebrate, we thought we would look at some of the styles and iconic looks that made the show such a success.


Firstly, a look at some of the styles from season one…


Phoebe rocking an oversized acid washed denim vest and pigtails in Central Perk.




Monica going for an androgynous style with her trouser suspenders and Ross in his oversized layered shirt look.




And even Rachel wasn’t quite the fashionista we know and love… a long sleeved brown top with a strappy black buttoned dress over the top? Although you can see the start of her iconic layered hair look.




And the Chandler in the again oversized olive striped shirt and slicked back very shiny gelled hair, his character has suffered with some hideous outfits over the seasons.




Eventually though the characters became a little more fashion conscious and designers would love to see their clothing appearing on the show Burberry, Louis Alvera,Dries Van Noten, Mandalay and Juicy Couture to name but a few whose pieces made it onto the show. The characters and the style saw people emulating their favourite character in terms of style, especially the girls who made anything they wore instantly glamorous and a must have item.


Hot enough to stop joey from eating! Phoebe looks entirely glamorous and stunning in this little black dress when she’s meeting up with David.




And Rachel goes from strange mini-skirt and sock combos to a sleek designer look once her character is opened to the world of fashion through her job.






Monica also saw a progression in her styling becoming more girly and wearing some really floaty, beautiful dresses.




The boys on Friends were always in the fashion shadow of the girls but they all at one time or another had to be rather brave in their characters fashion styling… for comedy of cause!




Then there were some very interesting styling… of turkeys… nice hat and sunglasses!




And flashbacks from the 80’s for some great fun. Rachels animal print perplum top and shoulderpaded jacket on chandler…





But in the end it all turned out well on the fashion front.



Highlights from the GQ Man of the Year 2014 Award Ceremony

The GQ Magazine ‘Man of the Year’ Award Ceremony happened last week and we give you the highlights:

The award for Designer went to Christopher Bailey the Burberry CEO and chief designer for the last decade he definitely deserves this accolade for bringing one of the oldest British fashion labels well up to date. He has also launched some big careers such as Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell. Bailey commented “This is for the team that I work with and all the people that I collaborate with. It means a great deal.”


Breakthrough Designer Award went to Agi and Sam and Sam said, “last time we picked up an award Agi was nearly sick on the stage.” Luckily the nerves were kept under control and they won against some very tough competition.  Winning this will surely mark their names amongst some of the most exciting designers in Britain.


The Best Actor Award went to Benedict Cumberpatch whose sophisticated style has seen him reinvent the character of Sherlock Holmes for the new generation as well as his amazing performance in 12 years a slave and his vocal talents has been used in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.


The Legend Award went to Van Morrison enough said. He is a legend with a blues voice that is undeniable soulful and his career has lasted since the early sixties that revolutionised the world of music. This award thanks him for his part in that but the man himself merely stated “I don’t get out much so right after this I’m going to go back in my shell.”


The Philanthropist Award went to the former Prime Minister Tony Blair for his work since he stepped down from the role. He has created his own foundation called the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that steps into religious based conflicts and tries to mediate peace and give practical support to those involved and affected.

Tony Blair acknowledged, “I would like to dedicate this award to the people that work with and for my organisations. I feel the pulse of progress beating a little harder.”



Celebrities Rocking a Fierce Tribal Look for Autumn 2014


Rhianna is truly going for the wild beauty look for her cover shoot for W magazine, she is simply stunning in this shot with stylish earcuffs and septum ring muted nude lips but a blue magical shine over her forehead to give her eyes their intensive fierce look.


Megan is looking every bit the heroine and leading lady in this Zuhair Murad Autumn 2014 dress. The silver and slate blue tribal pattern against her dark shiny locks and blood red nails is a dramatic and fierce look.


Alexa Chung in a monochrome tribal print with black grecian sandals and an oversized black bag with soft blue shawl/sweater. Her natural waves and simple make up look great against those red lips give this look the simplicity and style.


Shailene Woodley treads the blue carpet of the Teen choice Awards in LA in a Pete Pilotta that mixes tribal with tartan in a bold and daring dress matched with killer Kurt Geiger red heels she is looking sophisticated but fierce.

The Festival Season in Fashion

Those long warm summer evenings from May to September have led to a number of open aired concerts and festivals of live music for everyone to enjoy. The large crowds dancing and enjoying the music is what the festival atmosphere is all about and experiencing something unique.

But let’s face it, the UK’s sunny weather is not guaranteed and sometime your festival experience turns into a public mud-bath and then people aren’t so jealous about your experiences! Everyone wants to be able to say, I saw this band or say I was there when and even did you see me on TV?



What is Festival Style

The filming and photos of festivals always focus’ on people that have their festival style bang on, so what is festival style?

Mostly this means a little bit vintage and unique.



Festival Essentials

Essentials include sturdy boots or wellington boots, floppy hats, waterproof coat and sunglasses (don’t forget your sun cream!) to cover you for rain or shine.





Festival Cool

But if you want to look Festival cool then mixing things up to style is a must.

The floral headband was popular at Glastonbury this year but alternatives can include a bindhi spot and tribal makeup to give you a festival look but obviously not altogether, that’s just too much!



This trilby-esque velvet hat is seventies inspired and classically festival wear along with a fringed kimono it’s very on trend and vintage at the same time, which is hard to achieve! The simple sheer black top and black bikini underneath gives a layered but cool look. Classic denim hot pants and simple jewellery make this a great overall stylish festival look without overdoing it.



A two-piece abstract turquoise palms and monochrome tile print is sure to turn heads when paired with sturdy boots and maybe some chunky tribal bracelets and make up to dress up the whole look.




You can of course just go all out crazy and have fun with your outfit like this lot!





Beach Wear to Suit Your Body Shape?

By Suzanne Bernie COATHANGER

The summer is fast approaching, as is the holiday season and with many of us heading for sunnier climes to enjoy the sun, the pool and the sandy beaches. Ah Paradise…… then  comes that initial thought, just what shape, style and colour will your bikini or swim suit be? Is my body ready for this and which bits do I want to show or hide?

Getting the first day out the way is the most daunting. Putting on your chosen swimsuit over what is probably a very white or previously well hidden body and going out in broad daylight is probably the hardest part. Of course once you have a smattering of a tan its all fine, even the cellulite looks better with a tan!!

It is important to know your shape and work out just how revealing your beachwear should be. How high the legs will be in proportion to your hips. If you want tan lines or are going to fiddle taking down straps once you lay on your sunbed. As well as the boobs…… do you need underwired or not. There’s no right or wrong it’s all down to how much help you need!!

Or is your tummy an issue and are you happier with a little more structure and support?


Athletic or Boy Body Shape:


Make the most of your flat tummy, toned legs and arms by wearing a two piece bikini, if you’ve got it flaunt it. Just be sure to avoid baneau tops that flatten your bust rather than give it lift or shape. The top is important here so a bit of hidden extra shaping with a moulded top will help give your bust a fuller look. A bikini with a colourful pattern or print can work really well or plain with some ruffles or trim around the bust to draw the eye. Rushes at the sides of a one piece will also add the illusion of curves.  To make your legs look longer and more shapely, choosing a higher side on the bikini bottoms will elongate the legs and help your already toned body look stunning.


Pear Body Shape:


Make the most of the curves that you have and help draw the eye to your top curves with the clever use of swimwear. Firstly you may have fallen into the trap of thinking short styled bottoms that cover more would look better on your figure, think again. A higher line on the side gives a triangle shape, bares the whole of your thigh making your bottom appear smaller and elongates the legs, you could even try strings at the side. Up top you want a deep v neck with round the neck ties to draw the eye up to the bust.


Apple Body Shape:


Making the most of your legs and bust when you’re apple shaped is just a matter of finding the right choice of swimwear as it can make you feel confident and amazing on the beach. Block colour rather than patterns tends to work better as a rule but it depends where the patterns are placed on the swimwear as chevrons can work really well to add the look of shape where there isn’t any and tiny prints can sometimes work as well as a block colour.

Finding a one piece with clever side panelling can help give the appearance of curves at the torso. A bikini in a block bold colour with heavier bands under the bust and above the waist line will draw the eye and give you shape the look of curves. Rushing is also a great way to flatter your tummy and having the rushes over your tummy rather than flat material makes the tummy appear smaller.

Where Did You Get That Hat?

By Suzanne Bernie COATHANGER

So Royal Ascot is here again and is known as quite a fashionable event so why is it year in and year out, we see some of the most deranged head wear ever invented? Here are a few of my favourite barmy bonces.


This combines the natural beauty, colour and splendour of a peacock and takes it to an altogether circus look.


International model Eliza Cortez is sporting this oversized traditional English rose hat. Can you imagine the size of the bees?


Flowers, presents and curly bits in bold colours with a trim matching your dress? Sure why not?


Obviously the counterbalance design was not quite working as this race goer seems to be less than hands free but flowers are a nice detail on an otherwise questionable question mark of a hat!


The use of colour blocking here is clever as the theme of sunny yellow is going from top to bottom including golden accessories and mirrored glasses and although the hat is a bit much for Royal Ascot this is a great outfit!

The Summer Coat – Day to Evening

By Suzanne Bernie COATHANGER

A great look and an important summer staple this season is The Summer Coat, also known as The Duster Coat.

This lightweight outer garment can dress up any outfit and make a perfect first impression when walking into a party, a meeting or a restaurant.

If like me you spend a lot of time walking the shopping streets of London a summer coat will complete your outfit.

Not knowing what our wonderful British weather is going to do literally from one day to the next makes the duster coat a stylish protection against the elements.

It works perfectly over a trouser or skirt suit for work in a plain or muted colour or go for a subtle print and wear with jeans and a blouse for a lunch date or cocktails. Go for either the drop shoulder or the more structured look, either one works.

Adding a bit more glamour going into the evening is the silk heavily patterned  kimono style long line jacket. Be careful as to how many colours you wear underneath, but over jeans a vest top, its perfect for any warm evening, a gig or a bar, making the ‘boudoir look’ very ‘street’.

I’m not a great fan of tassels but there’s still a lot on the high street both on clothes, backpacks and cross body bags. They can also be found on most Kimonos and make the complete outfit more Boho Chic.

Email me, quoting Duster Coats and you will receive £50 off your first Shopping Service.

Enjoy stress free shopping and see amazing outfits being created right in front of your eyes for both your business and social wardrobe. Ensuring that every time you open your wardrobe you will find just the right outfit for every event.

To find out more, get in touch with me by emailing today and treat yourself to a day with a stylist…

London Fashion Week AW14: A Recap

All year round we look forward to the London Fashion Week and the updates that it brings to each season; we know there are also many others that look forward to this update but do not always know how to interpret what they see. On the other hand, some of us may miss parts of the show and therefore we do not obtain the whole picture, but do not fret – here’s a recap of London Fashion Week AW14 from


Bringing the Old & New Together

Mulberry have confirmed that they will be collaborating with Cara Delevingne throughout the autumn and winter season on a range of handbags – this could largely be due to Mulberry’s recent dip in sales and the famous face that is Cara Delevingne.


Kim Kardashian is old news; after London Fashion Week we’ve become obsessed with one of the newest faces, Kim’s half-sister Kendall Jenner. Kendall made her UK fashion début on the runway at London Fashion Week as she strutted her stuff for Giles – Kendall was even spotted rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour from Topshop.



An Abundance of Originality and Creativity

Through London Fashion Week we have discovered that more and more of the designers are stepping away from the designs that we usually see and are experimenting with something a little different.


A good example of this would be to take a look at a piece by Helen Lawrence. Many of the pieces designed by Helen Lawrence suggest a casual and comfortable look with an intention of standing out from the crowd; unusual prints and textures suggest that this could be the beginning of a very bright and interesting fashion future.


Some designers have put more originality and thought into their outfits than others have put into their entire collection; an excellent example of this would be Christopher Kane.



Christopher Kane’s first piece was a 3D dress piece in a salmon or nude pink; although the 3D design was quite simple, the spiral design was incredibly flattering – let’s see if the highstreet stores can replicate this one.



One for the Sci-Fi Fans

It would appear that as of AW14 we’ll be seeing more and more printed designs that are focussed on Star Wars; these designs come in a number of forms and styles.

Many Star Wars based outfits utilise recognisable figures and icons, whilst we know that others plan to utilise real stills from the films themselves.


Will they work, or is this the beginning of a fashion faux pas? Only time will tell!


For more information on the latest trends or refreshing your wardrobe in time for the season ahead you can get in touch with us at We would be more than happy to satisfy your styling needs or to consult you on creating an outfit that suits you.

Spring Runway 2014

February is always a very special month for everyone. Mainly because we can see an end to winter and of course its Valentines.

However there’s another exciting pull for London’s fashion industry this February and its going to be a hectic and exciting time for showcasing shop windows and getting a taste of how we do fashion here in London.

London Fashion Week starts right on 14 Feb, which gives us the right to talk about the love and affection of all things fashion.

For those who rather think about this Spring season rather than what we’ll be wearing for winter 2014 here are some latest trends to be considered:



SS14 Colour Wheel:


See below a summarized colour wheel showing all the main color trends demonstrated by mainstream designers for SS14:

The Tribal look

There has been huge inspiration coming from Ancient Latin American, African and European civilizations.  From Alexander McQueen warrior structures to Givenchy’s tribal black; tribal theme has found its own interpretation.


Edun has brought to us a whole new twist of last year’s monochrome this SS14 expressed in quirky geometry:














Valentino’s inspiration from ancient Maya culture:














The cotton shirtdress!

Will it work for your office attire?

The business casual look is going to be filling the office this spring. Cotton shirt dresses equal suit classics with a sexy twist. If you can, The PJ trouser suits are still being worn (as seen at the end of Winter collections) this maybe too casual for your office however a fabulous chic look for a lunch or cocktail party. ‘Glam up’ the shirtdress or the PJ trouser suit with multiple strings of pearls.

Altuzarra SS14:














Alexander Wang SS14:














Dior SS14:













Sports Chic

Sporting glam is one of the mainstream trends of SS14.  Fine silk fabrics and soft leathers are being used by designers in order to create chic sporty looks and should definitely be combined with stilettos, not sneakers!

Emilio Pucci













Floral V Pop-Art

The SS14 floral designs significantly differ from AW13 floral bloom. The floral prints were inspired by 1960 pop-art abstractions, which were seen a lot in Christopher Kane’s collection. Black is seen a lot as background to the floral’s giving them a sensual look.  Very Dolce & Gabbana!

Rochas, Francesco Scognamiglio, Moschino and the others used some very feminine couture floral applications.

Christopher Kane:













Francesco Scognamiglio:













Dolce & Gabbana













White tulle is the new white

White as a colour of serenity and meditation is on the throne as usual this season and certainly will be going through into Summer. The designs are sleek and simple. Rochas, Blumarine, Sass & Bide, Balenciaga and some others compliment the clothing with a lot of tulle and some lace details. As well as voiles and mixtures of fabrics.


















Trends change every season, however this doesn’t mean your style has to change. Once you’re happy with your image it’s good to tweak it with each new season. Adding new colours will give you an immediate updated and newly inspired wardrobe.  for all the services that can help you achieve your perfect look. Specifically suited to you, your body shape and your budget!

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