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Why Hire A Personal Shopper In London?

london fashion stylist

When it comes to shopping, you either love it or hate. Whether it’s grocery shopping or clothes shopping, opinions are divided on the popular activity. Whether you’re a shopaholic or shop avoider, shopping is something that happens regularly in our everyday lives and cannot be avoided. With modern day life as fast paced and time consuming as it is, it can be hard to shop for even the most avid fashion lover! Maybe you are one of the ‘haters’, have a really busy lifestyle or would simply just like to delegate this task to someone else so you don’t have to do it! In this article we explore the main reasons why you should hire a personal shopper in London. Having the assistance of a personal shopper is especially helpful in...

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The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

buying clothes online

We’ve previously discuss the role online shopping plays in fashion…but what really are the pros and cons of online shopping? We give you the honest truth about shopping for clothes online; keep reading to find out whether we think online shopping is really the best way to shop for clothes!   Pros of Online Shopping Online shopping gives you the convenience of being able to shop on the go and from the comfort of your own home. Mobile devices now play such an active role in our everyday lives, being able to shop on the tube is a great convenience in our busy lifestyles. Savings can be made where you would usually spend money on petrol, public transport and food whilst you’re out and about. It’s convenient for people with busy lifestyles...

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Margot Robbie Inspired Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

margot robbie as harley quinn

Following on from last week’s article on how to dress like the Joker this Halloween, we’ve put together the perfect style guide for you to dress up as Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn!     Hair, Makeup & Accessories   Harley Quinn’s staple look consists of her trademark multi-coloured hair and corresponding makeup, the perfect quirky look for a Halloween party! During the Suicide Squad film we saw her with minimal makeup other than eyes and lips, but if you’re feeling more dangerous and glam we recommend you follow this tutorial by Nikki Tutorials.   [iframe id=""] If you’re lucky enough to already have mid to long blonde hair then copying Harley Quinn’s hair style will take you no time and effort at all! Simply put your hair into two ponytails and add the signature blue and...

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Jared Leto Inspired The Joker Halloween Costume

how to dress like jared letos the joker

Despite the Joker only appearing in a few scenes in the latest Marvel phenomenon The Suicide Squad; Jared Leto’s take on the iconic character has been a hot topic for months - even before the film was out on the big screen! With Halloween creeping up on us we thought we’d give you some inspiration for your Halloween costume! If you want to look like Jared Leto’s take on the Joker this Halloween and combine edgy fashion with psychotic craziness, keep reading…     Blazer One of the Joker’s signature looks in Suicide Squad was the look captured in the above movie poster. As well as the unbuttoned burgundy shirt, he also wore a silver suit jacket with a black trim which perfectly summed up the character’s bold fashion choices. We found a similar...

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The Role Online Shopping Plays In Fashion

the role of online shopping

Online shopping has taken a massive step forward in the last 10 years. Online shopping has particularly become popular in the grocery and fashion industries. In this article we will look at some of the benefits of online shopping in the fashion market and how the popularity of purchasing clothes from the comfort of your own home will continue to grow.   It’s Easy! Wandering around shops isn’t for everyone, especially when you have time constraints or a busy lifestyle. If you have limited time and little understanding of what you are looking for, it can be difficult to find garments that you both like and think suit you. Shopping in busy cities can leave you feeling defeated if you come away with nothing or clothes you purchased purely to justify your trip!...

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Coathanger Loves…Poolside Fashion!

crop top fashion

Whether you’re counting down the days until your summer vacation or are already at your desired destination and reading this on your phone or IPad as you enjoy the poolside rays OR maybe you’re thinking ahead for you sunny retreat over the winter months. Whichever it is one things for sure, your pool/beach side cover up is of the utmost importance, after all you will be spending the majority of your holiday semi naked so you need to feel confident. Whether your 5ft or 5ft 10 you will have parts of your body you want to show and parts you’d rather hide. Which is it for you? Your legs - top middle, bottom or all Your tummy – upper or lower or both Your upper arms Your chest area – how...

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The Best Types of Bras for Different Garments

bra types

Getting Fitted It’s quite amazing to believe that the majority of women walking around the streets are wearing the wrong size bras. You wouldn't believe how many clients I have seen who have been pregnant, given birth and six months later are still wearing the same bra! When was the last time you went for a bra fitting? If your answer was along the lines of “I can’t remember” then it’s been too long! On average you should be getting professionally fitted every six months or a year (or sooner depending on your life circumstances). If you’ve recently lost or gained weight, had a child or have started going through menopause it is important you get yourself fitted correctly to avoid discomfort. Finding a bra that fits you well is essential, not only...

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How to Create Perfect Day-to-Night Summer Outfits

fuschia day to night outfit for summer

Whether you have a vacation booked or have some weekend plans coming up this summer that require you to look fabulous all day, it’s essential you know how to transform your day outfit into a glamourous evening outfit! With the wonders of accessories, makeup and footwear you can transform a casual everyday outfit into something stylish and suitable for drinks after work or a last minute plan. Pick a staple garment and build the rest of your outfit around it!   Blue Sophistication   The below pastille blue look can easily be transformed into eveningwear by swapping the casual white blazer with a fitted leather jacket and killer heels. Accessories are everything in this outfit, bringing together the colour combinations to form a united look.   Pretty in Pink   Style out your favourite jeans by transforming them...

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Coathanger Loves…Co-ords For Summer

coords for summer

Summer and co-ord outfits are a match made in heaven! Take the stress out of creating holiday outfits by jumping on the latest trend of stylish two piece outfits. Two piece outfits can be seen everywhere from the runways, high street and worn by your favourite celebrities. Keep reading to discover how you can dress the trend and where you can buy the best of co-ords right now!   This gorgeous bralet and skirt combo would be a stunning summer outfit that can be worn for the day time or an evening stroll along the beach. With the combo coming in at just under £28 at New Look, this is a bargain that shouldn’t be missed! The floral detailing is beautiful and the classic white look will look gorgeous on all skin...

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Suzanne Bernie’s Picks For Sale Shopping

mercatile london store

The sales are well and truly on and there are a lot of great buys right there for the picking!   If you’re going on holiday it's a perfect time to buy some new items to spice up your outfits. If you aren’t lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot, then select carefully and think whether your bargain buys will take you through to Autumn.   The most sensible way to go 'sale' shopping is to look for something you love but normally wouldn’t buy due to the high price and really LOVE it! Don't buy just for the sake of it and wanting to come away feeling accomplished. There's nothing worse than having garments hanging in your wardrobe that you just don't wear, if you fit the bill then you might need...

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