London Fashion Week AW14: A Recap

All year round we look forward to the London Fashion Week and the updates that it brings to each season; we know there are also many others that look forward to this update but do not always know how to interpret what they see. On the other hand, some of us may miss parts of the show and therefore we do not obtain the whole picture, but do not fret – here’s a recap of London Fashion Week AW14 from


Bringing the Old & New Together

Mulberry have confirmed that they will be collaborating with Cara Delevingne throughout the autumn and winter season on a range of handbags – this could largely be due to Mulberry’s recent dip in sales and the famous face that is Cara Delevingne.


Kim Kardashian is old news; after London Fashion Week we’ve become obsessed with one of the newest faces, Kim’s half-sister Kendall Jenner. Kendall made her UK fashion début on the runway at London Fashion Week as she strutted her stuff for Giles – Kendall was even spotted rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour from Topshop.



An Abundance of Originality and Creativity

Through London Fashion Week we have discovered that more and more of the designers are stepping away from the designs that we usually see and are experimenting with something a little different.


A good example of this would be to take a look at a piece by Helen Lawrence. Many of the pieces designed by Helen Lawrence suggest a casual and comfortable look with an intention of standing out from the crowd; unusual prints and textures suggest that this could be the beginning of a very bright and interesting fashion future.


Some designers have put more originality and thought into their outfits than others have put into their entire collection; an excellent example of this would be Christopher Kane.



Christopher Kane’s first piece was a 3D dress piece in a salmon or nude pink; although the 3D design was quite simple, the spiral design was incredibly flattering – let’s see if the highstreet stores can replicate this one.



One for the Sci-Fi Fans

It would appear that as of AW14 we’ll be seeing more and more printed designs that are focussed on Star Wars; these designs come in a number of forms and styles.

Many Star Wars based outfits utilise recognisable figures and icons, whilst we know that others plan to utilise real stills from the films themselves.


Will they work, or is this the beginning of a fashion faux pas? Only time will tell!


For more information on the latest trends or refreshing your wardrobe in time for the season ahead you can get in touch with us at We would be more than happy to satisfy your styling needs or to consult you on creating an outfit that suits you.

Spring Runway 2014

February is always a very special month for everyone. Mainly because we can see an end to winter and of course its Valentines.

However there’s another exciting pull for London’s fashion industry this February and its going to be a hectic and exciting time for showcasing shop windows and getting a taste of how we do fashion here in London.

London Fashion Week starts right on 14 Feb, which gives us the right to talk about the love and affection of all things fashion.

For those who rather think about this Spring season rather than what we’ll be wearing for winter 2014 here are some latest trends to be considered:



SS14 Colour Wheel:


See below a summarized colour wheel showing all the main color trends demonstrated by mainstream designers for SS14:

The Tribal look

There has been huge inspiration coming from Ancient Latin American, African and European civilizations.  From Alexander McQueen warrior structures to Givenchy’s tribal black; tribal theme has found its own interpretation.


Edun has brought to us a whole new twist of last year’s monochrome this SS14 expressed in quirky geometry:














Valentino’s inspiration from ancient Maya culture:














The cotton shirtdress!

Will it work for your office attire?

The business casual look is going to be filling the office this spring. Cotton shirt dresses equal suit classics with a sexy twist. If you can, The PJ trouser suits are still being worn (as seen at the end of Winter collections) this maybe too casual for your office however a fabulous chic look for a lunch or cocktail party. ‘Glam up’ the shirtdress or the PJ trouser suit with multiple strings of pearls.

Altuzarra SS14:














Alexander Wang SS14:














Dior SS14:













Sports Chic

Sporting glam is one of the mainstream trends of SS14.  Fine silk fabrics and soft leathers are being used by designers in order to create chic sporty looks and should definitely be combined with stilettos, not sneakers!

Emilio Pucci













Floral V Pop-Art

The SS14 floral designs significantly differ from AW13 floral bloom. The floral prints were inspired by 1960 pop-art abstractions, which were seen a lot in Christopher Kane’s collection. Black is seen a lot as background to the floral’s giving them a sensual look.  Very Dolce & Gabbana!

Rochas, Francesco Scognamiglio, Moschino and the others used some very feminine couture floral applications.

Christopher Kane:













Francesco Scognamiglio:













Dolce & Gabbana













White tulle is the new white

White as a colour of serenity and meditation is on the throne as usual this season and certainly will be going through into Summer. The designs are sleek and simple. Rochas, Blumarine, Sass & Bide, Balenciaga and some others compliment the clothing with a lot of tulle and some lace details. As well as voiles and mixtures of fabrics.


















Trends change every season, however this doesn’t mean your style has to change. Once you’re happy with your image it’s good to tweak it with each new season. Adding new colours will give you an immediate updated and newly inspired wardrobe.  for all the services that can help you achieve your perfect look. Specifically suited to you, your body shape and your budget!

The Menswear Trend of SS14

January 2014 has been full of events and surprises in the fashion world. It opened the season of Global Fashion Week as well as awards where we have seen thousands of handsome faces (the bodies weren’t bad either!!) marching along runways & red carpets.

Men without doubt care more and more about beauty treatments, fashion and over all appearances, almost if not more than women.


Showing for Men’s Fashion Week:


Block stripes

Bold stripes are one of the dominant trends for this SS14 as an echo of last season’s big squares. And the bolder they are the better. We’ve seen ranges from marine themed block ideas from Wooyoungmi to elegant classy charcoal grey and navy blue from Valentino.













































Florals pour hommes

The major floral wave that took over the world in AW13 also left its footprint on menswear collections. We should admit a lot of them were indeed a very creative interpretation of the trend. If Gucci’s head-to-toe floral suit is too ‘over the top’ for you then  split the suit and add a block colour as seen below with Prada.






























Dries Van Noten:














1950s nostalgia with grey twist

Light grey is a definite hit for SS14 and it was used by many couturiers to create the nostalgic look with a modern interpratation. Although Thomas Maier at Bottega Veneta started his catwalk with the classic grey look it suddenly took a monochrome creative twist. In fact, you won’t be wrong to get inspired  by the Wolf of Wall Street boys’ outfits.

Michael Kors alternatively went for a very nice smart casual interpretation using camel yellow, milk chocolate brown, beige, light grey and sky blue.



Bottega Veneta:














Michael Kors:




























Tailored tunics and the new dandy concept

The SS14 season has changed the classic concept of the suit.  It was paired with a tailored tunic from Z at Zegna, Vivienne Westwood or Spencer Hart. Or if you prefer to stand out maybe you would prefer the edgy metallic red or copper from Roberto Cavalli or Dolce and Gabbana.

You can now feel inspired to match various fabrics and colours that you may not think of combining before seeing Dsquared.





























Z Zegna:














Roberto Cavalli:














Dolce & Gabbana:













Therefore, be brave and be experimental as the room for manoeuvre is tremendous. Or…stay with the classics.

If you feel you would like to try something new but don’t quite know to or indeed which style is perfect for you – don’t be afraid to ask for help!!

Clothes Show Live – What we’ve Learnt

With the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham now at an end it’s time for us to discuss what we’ve learned and to summarise the event for those who could not attend. However, here at we like to focus on the fashion and style displayed at an event and how this can affect what we wear during the year to come rather than specific celebrities, brand or scouts that may have been present during the show. So here’s a summary of the latest trends and what we expect you to be wearing in SS14, courtesy of the Clothes Show Live.



As the crowds settled in their seats for the live catwalk show we could feel the tension building; it was just as the noise of the audience swelled that the presenters strutted onto the stage and introduced the show.


The Clothes Show Live launched with a glimpse of the trends that we are currently pursuing; black and tan were amongst some of the most popular colours whilst leather and PVC were the most common textures. Many of the outfits containing leather, PVC or similar materials worked very well together due to the way in which these particular materials complement each other.



With SS14 comes the warmer weather; this calls for lighter textures and materials as well as less layers. Some of the favourite textures displayed at the Clothes Show Live consisted of white chiffon, lace and cotton; a number of headdresses were also seen throughout the SS14 display. Each of these headdresses were creating using softer materials to complement the chiffon and cotton used – these materials included feathers, satin and synthetic materials. Although these headdresses are pretty outrageous and can quite difficult to pull off; even the most elegant models may struggle to work this item.

However flowing dresses and light materials won’t be the only trend of SS14; as the sun sets on spring and summer begins there will be one trend that you simply can’t miss. The metallic effect is back in full force; with various shades of gold and black accessories to accompany and enhance the effect of the gold.






The AW14 section of the clothes how live hints at a particularly large dose of red; especially during the autumnal months. Everything from swimsuits to shoes, coats, jeans and jumpers were spotted in shades of red – leather and PVC also made another appearance.


The work wear of 2014 is largely the same as that of AW13; grey fitted, tight or tailored attire is favoured over loose fitting or baggy clothing. If you’re looking to impress your boss or those working with you; you’re going to need to tone down your working wardrobe with varying shades of grey.


Aside from the patterns, colours and textures that you would expect to see of SS14 and AW14 – there were also some unexpected revivals. Some of the designs that flitted across the cat walk appear to have been taken directly from the 80s and 90s. These designs were sported by some of the best models; others may not have been able to create the same look.


Scouts went wild as the show finished with a presentation of what’s believed to be the future generation of models and supermodels; if we’ve learned anything from the Clothes Show Live it’s that big coats aren’t going anywhere, the next generations proves to be quite promising and any style can be revived if you wait until the right time.


For more information on the latest trends or for some professional advice you can get in touch with us here at, the experts on image consultancy and personal styling.

Careers and Clothing – What to Wear to the office Christmas Party

So your work Christmas party is coming up, the one you’ve been dreading since the beginning of November; the biggest dilemma, what are you going to wear? What seemed like a good idea back then is often not so as the date gets closer. You’ve changed your mind a million times, spoken with friends.

If you want to be the best dressed without making a mistake that could turn you into the talk of the office – here are a few simple tips and tricks on how to select what to wear for your office Christmas party.


The first step in planning your outfit, do a little research. Find out what the theme is going to be, will there be fancy dress involved? Also take into account the venue, how far you’re going to have to travel. Think shoes; go in flats and change when you arrive. This will be your best decision when going home. Who exactly is on the guest list? If you’re going to be rubbing shoulders with directors and heads of department you may consider toning it down a little from you normal Saturday night outfit, ensuring if alcohol gets the better of you your skirts not too short or your tops not too low.

Remember you do need to go back and face everyone in the New Year!

And don’t forget – Is it really fancy dress or is that just a rumour??? Don’t fall for that old chestnut!!!

          Misguided  £34.99

                                       Reiss £149                                                Reiss £199

             Alice by Temperley  £625                        Paul and Joe – Trousers £29

Dressing for Fall and Frost

As the weeks progress we find ourselves closer and closer to the end of fall and the beginning of winter. Although winter does bring mulled wine, mince pies and presents it also brings frost, snow and treacherous conditions; but more importantly, it also poses the question “What can I wear?”

As well as fending off the winter chills and ensuring your own safety; it’s also important that you look good! It’s because of this that we’re guiding you through what you should be wearing throughout the winter of 2013.


Cold? Grab a Coat!

It’s undeniable that the most important aspect of any outdoor outfit is the coat – but how do you know which coat to wear? Often the same styles are repeated each year so you can get away with several styles so long as you cycle them.


Plaid is perfect! You simply cannot go wrong with a luxurious, well-made plaid coat. These coats come in a variety of colours including red, blue grey and purple. Although you can’t go wrong with a plaid pattern coat, you can mess up on when it comes to the colour scheme – winter is all about washed out and worn, it’s about being comfortable. No yellow or orange, and only moderate amounts of green.


Bigger is better. Do you remember when we told you that oversized coats were better than tailored pieces – this rule still applies. Not only will an oversized coat keep you much warmer than a thinner tailored coat, but it‘s the shape of the season and can be worn with many layers underneath.


A Leather jacket or coat is perfect for this winter season but avoid matching leather trousers or a leather skirt. Leather is the best when it comes to keeping out the breeze and to soften the look, as well as make it more feminine, add the all-important accessories. Or silk or cashmere scarf.

Footwear versus Frost

Winter brings poor weather conditions mixed with freezing temperatures – this means enduring frost, ice and snow. Walking in these conditions can be extremely difficult, which means that you need to purchase footwear that will protect your feet from the cold whilst also providing you with a sufficient amount of grip so that you do not fall.


We recommend that you purchase a pair of black or brown biker boots before the first frost hits. Not only are the boots incredibly stylish but they also come with attitude  – the thick sole allows for easy walking in the frost or snow and also gives a more rugged feel. Go for the less embellished boot and wear with skinnies, parallels jeans or a maxi skirt.


To be on the safe side also invest in a pair of incredibly useful and now very cool ‘Wellies’. By wearing one of the huge selection of design wellies when it snows or more importantly pours with rain will avoid ruining any of your other shoes or boots.

Autumn/Winter Accessories

Take advantage of the cold weather by purchasing a cashmere or woollen scarf. There are plenty of choices on the high street but choose carefully. It needs to go with your coats and jackets and your face. So either go with neutral colours or buy a selection so you have more choice.

Remember a silk scarf can also keep you lovely and warm and can be kept on through the day or evening.

The number of outfits that you could put together whilst including these items are astounding – and the best part is that each of them would look good whilst protecting you from the winter weather. For more information on how to improve or renew your look you can get in touch with us at for our professional styling services and expert advice.

Standing out Sensibly at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Are you tired of blending in and being a part of the crowd? Sometimes standing out is the only way forward, especially if you’re at a festival or a large event with a large amount of other people around. Although knowing how to stand out without overdressing can be quite complicated and most people don’t get it right first time. Here’s how to stand out whilst at an event such as Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London.


Every year Hyde Park is glammed up with a wide variety of lights, decorations and other additions that are themed around Christmas. On the 22nd of November Hyde Park will open as Winter Wonderland and will be fitted with a number of different attractions including two circuses, an immense observation wheel, an ice rink and a band stand – these are just a few of the attractions that will be available from the 22nd November at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Due to the numerous attractions the citizens of London and many tourists will flock to Hyde Park – this is one of the many reasons as to why standing out is a sensible choice.

Standing Out – What you shouldn’t do

It’s a common misconception within our society that to stand out you must wear incredibly outrageous brightly patterned clothes. Or tight sexy low cut dresses, or wild prints.


But a much more stylish way to stand out during the winter nights for an outdoor party or indeed Winter Wonderland, to feel and look luxurious as well as stay warm and cosy is to wear a wonderful faux fur jacket or coat. Faux fur is a certain way to stand out from the crowd, be noticed and admired.


Utilising Accessories

Using accessories to your advantage is one of the easiest ways for you to create a positive impression whilst standing out. An out door concert or party is a perfect time to bring a little touch of glamour to your outfit, after all its highly unlikely that you will take your coat off therefore make the most of outdoor dressing. Add a beautiful brooch to your faux fur scarf and relax and enjoy the complements. It’s just like wearing a fabulous necklace.



Tights Versus Trousers

Whilst trousers and jeans can be very practical and will keep you warm throughout the cold winter night; they’re also quite a common sight and will do nothing to set you apart from the hundreds of people attending Hyde Park. Don’t despair as we have a solution: tights or pattern leggings worn as tights.

A pair of thick tights/leggings worn with chunky ankle boots is an incredibly practical alternative to wearing jeans or trousers. Add a huge chunky knit covering your thighs or a short skirt or leather shorts or skorts. (shorts and skirt in one). Tights exclude drafts whilst providing you with freedom and if you chose some of the great prints it can completely transform your outfit.


For more information on dressing to suit your personality or if you’re interested in a wardrobe detox you can get in touch with us here at We’d be more than happy to help.

Winter Wear 2013 – Our Favourite Picks

With winter almost here it’s about time for each of us to select our new outfits and begin the fight against the weather without lapsing into the habit of wearing wretched clothing. On the other hand, not everyone can be as style savvy as we are at; so here’s our view on the best and most beautiful trends of the next season.


Colossal Coats

One of the biggest and fastest spreading trends of winter 2013 will be coats and the excessive amount of material that are used to create them.  At first these coats may appear a little outlandish and more than a little senseless but they give out a regal heir that’s impossible to resist.


These magnificent coats can be made out of a number of different materials and the textures are often paired with either the footwear or a number of accessories. Some examples of the different textures that have already been spotted on the catwalks and in some of the most expensive stores are tweed, suede, PVC, and cheaper materials such as polyester and wool. If there’s only one important purchase that you make this year, we recommend the colossal coat.












The Sensible Skirt

There’s nothing quite like a sensible skirt: stylish, sexy and comfortable to boot! By purchasing a sensible skirt you’ll be making the investment of a lifetime. The ‘sensible’ skirt is a skirt that reaches the calves and has a slight flair to it; this means that it keeps the majority of your legs warm, won’t embarrass you during strong winds and still shows enough skin to make you feel sexy.


The sensible skirt is an elegant piece that gives the impression of mystery and majesty – if you’re looking for a sample of sophistication you should consider purchasing an item like the sensible skirt.


Naughty in Navy

One of the most important trends sweeping across Europe during AW13 is the navy style. This particular theme looks so good it’s almost naughty; and there are a multitude of ways in which you can incorporate the colour into your wardrobe.


The most common navy outfits that we have come across are the suits and luxurious yet simple dresses – when attempting to introduce navy into your outfit keep in mind that the sharper the style, the more effective the look is going to be.


The most significant outfits of AW13 are those that include character without discarding comfort. To get the most out of your outfits during the winter of 2013 remember to wear your clothes like a second skin – this means that they should be of a tailored fit whilst also suiting your personality perfectly. For the latest on fashion and for professional advice from experienced style consultants you can get in touch with us here at

Looking your Best at Bloomsbury Whilst Coping with the Weather

With every leaf that falls underfoot winter draws nearer and so does the Bloomsbury festival. The Bloomsbury festival is defined as ‘An autumn festival of art, knowledge and imagination’ and will take place between the 15th and 20th of October 2013. Due to the nature of the festival and the time of year that it is hosted at, it’s understandable that there may be some sudden changes in the weather, leading to unpleasant outdoor conditions.


Layering Up

Dealing with unexpected and sudden weather conditions can be incredibly daunting if you aren’t prepared – it can also be extremely embarrassing for you and those that you are with if haven’t prepared correctly.


One of the best ways in which you can prepare for the warm days and cool nights whilst at the Bloomsbury festival is by layering up. Remember that although it may be cool of an evening, your skin need to be able to breathe during the day, so the layers closest to your skin should be made from a breathable material such as cotton.


The other layers of your outfit can be made from materials such as wool, nylon and polyester. Wool is one of the best materials for jumpers and cardigans as it contains heat extremely well, whereas nylon will cause you to sweat which can make you feel cold as the perspiration evaporates from your skin.


Although layering up is the best way to avoid the cold; don’t forget that it’s going to be quite warm during the day. Your outfit should include layers that will keep the heat in but aren’t heavy enough to cause discomfort.


Colour Schemes

Colour schemes vary greatly from season to season, but we still tend to find the same colours cropping up each year. Autumn has seen enough of purple and red to last until 2014; so instead we’re looking into the latest trends. Golden hues, royal blues and deep greens have invaded our closets and taken over our stores

The Bloomsbury festival is festival of arts and imagination; that means utilise this season’s colour scheme and add a splash of colour to your outfit. Shoes should be practical as there is a lot of standing around and walking involved at the Bloomsbury festival; this means you should select a pair of comfortable boots or if you’re on the petite side wedges would be more appropriate.

Accessories and Additions

Adding colour to your outfit doesn’t have to be as extreme as dressing in a golden gown or an electric blue coat – you can incorporate autumnal colours into your outfit through your accessories and small additions to your outfit.


Scarves are an excellent accessory and will help you fight off the chills as the evening closes in. The perfect scarf will match the top half of your outfit in style and often colour too; unless there isn’t much colour to choose from in your outfit.


For a drab grey or black outfit you should utilise a heavy material such as wool – the wool will keep you warm whilst matching the theme of your outfit. Gold and brown accessories are perfect for darker hair and darker outfits as it adds a little warmth without standing out and giving the impression of a harsh complexion.
As I previously mentioned: your scarf should match the top half of your outfit in either colour or style to make your body look longer and make you look taller overall. If you are wearing a blue or green jacket, coat or cardigan – go for a light material such as silk or cotton.


Waterproof coats aren’t the most appealing of attire but we recommend that you keep one with you at all times – if the weather turns sour and the heavens open you should choose comfort and warmth over style. For more information on tailoring your wardrobe to compensate for poor weather conditions you can get in touch with us here at, the experts in style and future fashion.


DKNY – Vogue Event

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