Coathanger Loves…Spring Patterns!

Following on from our overview of the Pantone Colour Report for Spring 2016 where we helped you find the most beautiful garments in the signature colours of this spring, we didn’t want to miss the most important staple of spring – patterns!

Designers around the world have been gracing the runways with their spring collections, bringing along some unique and extraordinary designs that are perfect for spring. Spring is the season of change and growth; flowers start blooming again, the winter blues melt away and it’s the perfect time to broaden your style by interpreting some statement patterns into your everyday wear. For someone who may not be confident embracing patterns and drawing attention to themselves, it can be quite daunting shopping in springtime where a lot of outlets replace the neutrals for the new seasons patterns.

Our fashion stylists at Coathanger have chosen their favourite patterns and garments from this year’s spring collections.

pantone buttercup dress

We love this elegant dress for late springtime. A simple way to incorporate one of Pantone’s spring colours, buttercup, into your outfits. This would look great with a pair of simple sandals or mid heels for a night out. Due to the plunging neck line, this dress gives you more freedom with your choice of accessory – a short, mid-length or long neckless would look good. The frills in the middle of the dress are the focal point and add a very elegant touch to a somewhat glam outfit.

tangerine tall outfit

We love the pop of colour in this tangerine ensemble at Hermes. A statement outfit that would look instantly well thought out! To wear this colour yourself without looking like…well…a tangerine, can be very simple if you know how. Choose one garment in this beautiful rich colour and pair it with less vibrant shades such as beige and black, not forgetting some accessories to bring the look together. If you are weary about wearing such a vibrant colour, go for a handbag in this shade instead as your staple piece! The clean lines of this outfit are very flattering, especially on people who are slightly taller.

misson geometric runway dress

This dress from Missoni perfectly highlights how vibrant patterns such as multi-coloured stripes can be suitable for everyday wear. A simple shift dress which you may wear for work has been transformed into a piece of art with the geometric design and flawless colour choices. Due to the position of the colours, we think this dress would be great for someone with small hips who would like to create the illusion of larger hips.

sandro spring 2016 menswear

Sandro’s addition to spring fashion adds a fun twist to men’s fashion for spring 2016. After just expanding their brand and increasing the number of high street stores, Sandro are a very affordable brand with a range of styles to suit all lifestyles, body shapes and seasons. We especially love this striped shirt and suede jacket combo, a fun pairing which screams “chic”.

spring 2016 menswear from dsquared2

One of our favourite outfit combo’s for spring 2016 is this outfit by DSquared2. Known for their quirky designs and alternative style, DSquared2 know how to create edgy outfits that look brilliant on and off the runway. This casual outfit offers the perfect mix of textures and colours, complimentary of all skin tones and perfect for day time or an evening out.


Spring Fashion 2016: Pantone Colour Report & Outfit Ideas

With winter coming to an end, it’s time to pack your winter woollies away and embrace the new colours and styles of spring. Spring is the season for gorgeous vibrant colours and patterns, so when Pantone released their fashion colour report for spring 2016 we were pleasantly surprised at the wide range of contrasting colours; the perfect palette of colours to be incorporated into your wardrobe!

Pantone Fashion Colour Report – Spring 2016

Outfit Ideas For Pantone Colour Report Spring 2016

Read the report here

We loved the colour choice for spring 2016 so much that we’ve found one garment for each colour to help you decide which colours would be perfect for your everyday style!

Rose Quartz

Oasis coat in Rose Quartz

Oasis Princess Coat – £85.00 at Oasis

Peach Echo

Lola coat in Peach Echo

Lola Tunis Dress – £179.00 (was £420.00) at Brand Outlet


Serenity blouse from Forte Forte

Forte Forte Blouse – £146.46 (was £244.10) at Far Fetch

Snorkel Blue

Snorkel Blue handbag by Demi at Accessorize

Demi Barrel Bag – £35.00 at Accessorize


Buttercup Per Una top at M&S

Per Una Print Top – £19.50 at M&S

Limpet Shell

Limpet Shell dress by Modcloth

Closet London Dress – $84.99 at Modcloth

Lilac grey

Lilac Grey Scarf From French Connection

French Connection Scarf – £45.00 at John Lewis


Asos Blazer in Fiesta

ASOS Blazer – £22.50 (was £25.00) at ASOS

Iced Coffee

Richard James Trousers in Iced Coffee

Richard James Twill Trousers – £135.00 (was £265.00) at Richard James

Green Flash

Green flash sultanesque ring

Sultanesque Green Oval Ring – £35.00 at Not on the High Street
Which colour from the Pantone Spring palette is your favourite? Let us know on Twitter!

Coathanger Loves…Swinging 60’s Fashion

Are you a “dedicated follower of fashion”?

Fashion has moved on immensely since the 1960’s, but it was this era that introduced many iconic styles which follow through to modern day runways today. With iconic fashion icons such as Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn, the stylish women of the 60’s have given stylists today more than enough inspiration for garments going forward for decades to come.

Styles of the 60’s

1960’s Patterns

The 60’s were all about geometric shapes and bold patterns – the bolder the better. Large floral print dresses and boxy print garments were all the range in the mid-1960s where it was rare to see women in neutral colours or classic black garments. Below is a classic example of a dress women would wear in the 60’s; a cream dress with striking green and blue patterns.

swinging 60s floral dress£70.00 at Rokit

Another gorgeous example of a textured patterned button up coat which ladies would have worn a similar style in the sixties:

topshop pink sixties long coat£85.00 at Topshop


Glamourous rounded collars were a popular fashion statement in the 1960’s, which introduced the modern day ‘peter pan’ collar. More elegant that a clean cut collar, rounded collars added a bold statement to an outfit. Collars were a common addition to casual day dresses throughout the sixties and the start of the seventies.

cara delevingne sixties collared dress

Bold Statement Accessories

Unique, vintage inspired jewellery was very common in the sixties. With women searching shops for unique brooches and large vibrant earrings, an outfit was not complete without a statement piece. Top handle bags were also extremely popular during this era, thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s spin on the look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

sixties clutch from the gathering goddess£110.00 at The Gathering Goddess

The Origin of the Short Skirt

Women began reducing the length of their hemlines very early 90’s which quickly became a trend, one that has followed us through to the 21st Century. Whilst maxi skirts were still a staple in many wardrobes across the UK, A-line mini skirts and dresses were the height of fashion. A fashion icon who sported this look was the stunning Jane Birkin.

short hemline skirt

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Struggling to think of what to wear for your Christmas party at work? If you have been working at the same company for multiple years, it can be hard to think of a unique outfit for your Christmas party each year. That’s where we come in!

We’ve come up with three Christmas party outfits to give you inspiration for your festive night on the town. Like a look of one of the garments? Click on your favourite look and you’ll find out where to purchase all the items!

Beautiful in burgundy

burgundy christmas outfit idea


Stylish and chic in black

black and red christmas outfit idea


A touch of navy

navy glitter christmas dress


Which outfit is your favourite?

Coathanger Loves…Winter Florals!

When it comes to florals in fashion, people commonly associate the pattern with spring and summer. However, winter florals are the height of fashion this winter and we think it’s a great way to add extra colour to your wardrobe for the coldest season rather than opt for jeans and boots.

winter florals

Our expert team of stylists have searched high and low for the perfect winter florals and below are a selection of the best, ready for you to buy and interpret into your wardrobe!

Florals for winter

floral skater dress

Floral Skater Dress with scarf – £28.00 at Asos

floral fold blouse

Floral Fold Blouse – £19.99 at Newlook

floral decorative trench coat

Floral decorative trench coat – £1,795 at Burberry

ted baker floral clutch

Ted Baker Shadow Floral clutch bag – £69.00 at Selfridges

floral cigarette trousers

Floral Cigarette Trousers – £42.00 at House of Fraser

floral tailored trousers

Dickins & Jones Floral Tailored Trousers – £69.00 at House of Fraser

floral damask scarf

Damask Scarf – £12.50 at Next

What do you think of this hot fashion trend for Winter 2015? Let us know via Twitter or leave a comment below!

Help I Need A Makeover!

Are you stuck in a rut? With our lifestyle’s being so busy nowadays between working and socialising, it’s easy to let your appearance be less of a priority. However, in many cases how you look and how you are dressed can dramatically boost your confidence and give you a more positive outlook. It’s easy to fall into a routine and become comfortable in the style choices you make but change is healthy and necessary in every aspect of life including fashion, no matter how small the change may be!

There are many situations that may make you think “Help I need a makeover!” and we’ve listed the most common ones below!


Have you gone through a breakup recently? A breakup can be a big shift in your life and can make you want to revamp your image to rebuild your confidence and signify a new beginning. If you’ve been single for a while or are newly single and want to get back on the dating scene, this is the perfect time to have a makeover! Your clothes should portray your personality and allow it to shine through, hiding behind ‘safe’ clothes may seem like the easier option but nothing feels greater than wearing something fabulous that shows off all your best features.


Child Birth

Child birth is a life changing event in a woman’s life and can change her opinion of how she looks and what she feels confident wearing after her body has changed. Once you have settled into motherhood and are ready to put aside the maternity wear, if you find yourself looking at your misshapen clothes and exclaiming “Help I need a makeover!” it’s probably time to book an appointment with a fashion stylist to build your personal profile and start your self love journey.


Any new stage in your life is an ideal time for some extra self-care and pampering, especially something as special as getting married! For some people, getting married is a symbol of growing up and reaching a level of maturity which can lead to you wanting to start over with your style and throw away your old comfies! If you’ve also just moved into a new place with your partner and now have limited space now that you have to share a wardrobe (eek!) then this is the perfect time to get rid of any unworn or unloved garments.

fashion after marriage

New Job

Congrats! You’ve landed yourself a new job and are ready to show your boss what you’re made of, but what on Earth should you wear? Dependant on your job, your workplace may not require you to wear a uniform but you must dress in a professional manner. Faced with so many office wear choices, the decision can be overwhelming and you may need a professional’s guidance on what will make you look and feel confident but abide by your organisation’s dress code.

clothes for your new job

If you’ve had the “Help I need a makeover!” feeling and need your very own personal stylist to help you make better fashion choices, get in touch with the stylists at Coathanger to discuss your requirements and start creating your personal profile.

Coathanger Loves…London Fashion Week SS16!

London Fashion Week 2015 has drawn to end and we are in awe at the collections that have been revealed! Designers gathered at the event to reveal their upcoming collections for Spring/Summer 2016, with some noticeably cooler hues within the collections than last year’s vibrant theme. We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite looks from LFW that we think could be interpreted into your own wardrobe!

We love…

CO-TE 2015

From the CO-TE collection. We love the use of florals here! The florals turn an otherwise plain garment into a statement piece.

Amanda Wakeley

By Amanda Wakeley. We love how elegant this gown is and the sheer fabric puts a new spin on traditional evening gowns.

black dress By Amanda Wakeley.

By Amanda Wakeley.

burberry dress and coat

By Burberry Prorsum. The dress and coat combined make for a killer combo for a spring outfit!

Burberry mens lace shirt

Shirt by Burberry Prorsum. The detail in this shirt is beautiful and adds an elegance that is not often captured in traditional men’s shirts. We think this would be gorgeous for a spring wedding!

antonio berardi dress

By Antonio Berardi.

pink polka dot outfit by topshop

By Topshop Unique. We love this outfit! The subtle colour of the coat matches perfectly to the detail in the playsuit and this outfit would look fabulous with heels or flats.

monochrome clutch by sophia webster

By Sophia Webster. We love the detail in this bag, the quirky designed and monochrome colours makes it perfect for a day or night accessory.

green jasper conran spring dress

By Jasper Conran.

spring outfit By Teresita Orillac

By Teresita Orillac

Paul Costelloe Spring Summer collection

By Paul Costelloe

Daks office chic style for spring

Office chic by Daks

Erdem spring summer dress

Beautiful florals by Erdem

What is a Fashion Stylist?

What is a fashion stylist and why do you need one? Put simply, a fashion stylist is a person who has an innate ability to understand colour, shape, textures and prints. And more importantly recognises exactly what suits another person whatever their size, shape and colouring. A good fashion stylist can dress another person according to their personality and life style, constructing a personal profile in order to get to know and understand everything about their client’s life style in both business and home life.

The perfect stylist will know exactly where to find all items required using a passion and years of experience in the fashion industry to handpick outfits, shoes, accessories, jewellery and individual garments for their clients. Whether these garments are from stores, boutiques, costumiers, designers or makers, a good personal stylist knows just how to interpret it to all ages, both sexes and for all areas of the business spectrum.

Whether you’re a celebrity or fancy the idea of being treated like one, a fashion stylist can benefit your life greatly. Using a personal stylist not only makes lives easier, less stressful and more imaginative, it’s also perfect for those who have a big events coming up and need a show stopping outfit or for someone who wants to step a little out of their comfort zone and needs to revamp their style with some guidance from the experts!

Do you find yourself looking in your wardrobe at multiple garments that you purchased because they were on trend or a friend said suited your body shape even though you weren’t quite sure? Do you find yourself exclaiming “Help! I’ve got so many clothes and nothing to wear!”? A fashion stylist can give you honest fashion advice with no biased opinions included, ensuring that you look stylish and feel confident in every outfit that is handpicked for you.

what is a fashion stylist

A fashion stylist aims to change the way you look at your image and hopes to change your future fashion choices by giving you the best style advice. Sometimes it can be advised that you do a complete wardrobe detox to rid yourself of your bad fashion habits that are holding you back to open yourself up to new outfit ideas.

Say goodbye to clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time or have never worn and see how they can be refreshed and re coordinated. Enjoy the fresh start you need to reinvent a whole new wardrobe with renewed confidence.

fashion stylist advice

If you’re interested in hearing more about having a personal styling day with one of the experts at Coathanger or want to take the plunge and have a wardrobe detox, get in touch now to discuss what we can do for you! Fill in the form here to enquire.

Coathanger Loves…Autumn!

Nothing makes us more excited for autumn than London Fashion Week! With the fabulous event revealing the hottest upcoming trends, we think it’s the perfect time to start preparing your wardrobe for all the stylish outfit combos that are perfect for autumn. Say goodbye to your summer dresses and sandals because nothing says autumn more than shades of burgundy, warm coats and layers!

The weather shouldn’t dictate your outfit choices, but you should always be prepared for the weather to take a turn for the chilly. We’ve put together two outfit choices that we think would be perfect for an afternoon coffee in London and a girls night out, let us know what your favourite outfit is in the comments or on Twitter!

An Autumn day out in London!

double breasted coat

Double Breasted Car Coat – £98.00 at Oasis

split hem jumper

Split Hem Jumper – £98.00 at The White Company

skinny jeans

Black Skinny Jeans – £24.00 at Debenhams

black ankle boots

Black Ankle Boots – £48.00 at River Island


A night out in London

michael kors skinny jeans

Michael Kors White Skinny jeans – £150.00 at House of Fraser

christian louboutin patent pumps

Simple Nude Patent Pump by Christian Louboutin – £435.00

cami top

Embroidered Cami – £24 from Next

river island navy blazer

Navy Blazer – £45.00 from River Island

blanket scarf

Neon Lucy Blanket Scarf – £29.50 from Oliver Bonas

Tweet us your favourite autumn outfits! @Coathangernet

Coathanger Loves…Suede!

Summer is over just as quickly as it began and it’s time for us to welcome a whole new autumn wardrobe into our everyday style, but here at Coathanger we are excited to announce our new Coathanger Loves series! Keep an eye out on our blog for regular updates on what the team at Coathanger and fashion expert Suzanne Bernie are currently loving. To start off our Coathanger Loves series, this month Coathanger Loves…suede!

The perfect transition into autumn, high end and high street stores are lining their rails with gorgeous suede garments from jackets and skirts to shirts and even bags! Suede was originally popular in the 70’s with the suede skirt being a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Available in lengths ranging from mini to maxi, the suede skirt is a great autumn alternative for a somewhat summery skater skirt.

suede skirt

Suede Skirt – £59.99 at MANGO

Whilst the bomber jacket is a must for the cooler autumn weather, investing in a suede jacket will help you achieve a slightly more delicate look than a leather jacket, achieving a laid back cutting edge style without appearing too casual.

suede jacket

Suede Western Jacket – £135.00 at Topshop

We all love shirt dresses for summer with their floaty material and bold patterns, but with autumn bringing bitter cold mornings with it we need something more practical that doesn’t compromise our style. Just arrived in stores, many brands are releasing suede shirt dresses that are perfect for the coming months! Matched with a pair of killer heels or flat ankle boots, together they make a killer combo.

suede shirt dress

Brown faux suede shirt dress – £55.00 at River Island

If you’re contemplating styling out suede this season but don’t want to go ‘all out’, there are many suede bags on the market to add an effortless edge to any outfit. Whether it be black suede or original tan, a suede handbag can pull together any outfit for any occasion!

suede bag

Suede holdall with front pocket – £39.99 at Zara

Keep an eye out for the next episode of Coathanger Loves…! Let us know what you think of the new series on our Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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