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Suzanne Bernie’s Picks For Sale Shopping

mercatile london store

The sales are well and truly on and there are a lot of great buys right there for the picking!   If you’re going on holiday it's a perfect time to buy some new items to spice up your outfits. If you aren’t lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot, then select carefully and think whether your bargain buys will take you through to Autumn.   The most sensible way to go 'sale' shopping is to look for something you love but normally wouldn’t buy due to the high price and really LOVE it! Don't buy just for the sake of it and wanting to come away feeling accomplished. There's nothing worse than having garments hanging in your wardrobe that you just don't wear, if you fit the bill then you might need...

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What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

gap navy shirt for women sleeveless

It can often feel like society is trying to fit you into a box and a category, focusing on our similarities rather than the things that make us unique. Self-expression is an important part of life and without consciously being aware of it; we are expressing our character everyday through the things we say, our body language and even our fashion choices. Forget “you are what you eat” – you are what you wear! If you have a distorted view of yourself, this will be reflective in your outfit choices and you may be portraying yourself incorrectly to those around you. Colours Black Black is a timeless colour which can easily be matched with any other colour to create endless outfit options. Black garments automatically make the wearer look more chic and stylish,...

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NEW Website Announcement: Check out the brand new Coathanger website!

Suzanne Website Lightened-6

The time has finally come for us to announce the launch of our brand new website! We have spent countless months tweaking and perfecting our site to ensure it is reflective of our feel good services, we wanted our website to portray looking and feeling fabulous. As well as Coathanger’s fabulous new makeover, we’ve also created many new exciting pages to give you more information on our services – it’s never been easier to book a styling session with a dedicated fashion stylist at Coathanger.   Bespoke Styling Services Silver Styling Service New Mum, New Style Teenage Dream LGBT Styling Special Occasion Style Therapy Celebrity Styling   Personal Styling Services Personal Styling Day Wardrobe Detox Makeover at Westfield Style Concierge Service Online Personal Styling Gift Certificates   Corporate Styling Services Corporate Styling Bespoke Uniform Design Style Presentations Training Days   Let us know what...

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Packing For Spring/Summer Vacation: 2016 Edition


As soon as the sun shines, whether you live in an urban city, suburb or the countryside, holidays spring to mind. So step away from your desks, laptops and IPhones and think holidays. If you’re anything like us, the thought of the holiday season will keep you going for the next couple of months. Or if you’re lucky and a Spring vacation is on the cards then make sure you get the best picks early, its time to start preparing! Swimwear Don’t leave it too late to buy your swimwear. Shopping early means you get the biggest choice in the best shapes. If you’re jetting off somewhere hot, with wide blue oceans that go on for days, then you’re probably planning to take a dip in the sea whilst you can escape the...

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Khaki For Spring: Khaki Fashion Trends


Spring fashion has never been more wearable, with a slight contradiction, as normally this fabulous colour trend is usually big in Autumn, but not this season…this hot new spring colour can be found everywhere and is perfect for wearing to the office, for a dinner date or to the pub and can even look cool for a walk in the park – khaki gets a Spring make over like never before! By adding a contrast colour and various textures, layers and prints you are less likely to look like you’re about to join the army. Khaki works very well with co-ordinating colours such as burnt orange, denim, black, white, pink, grey marl and yellow to name a few. Skin tone depending, choose the one that suits you and go for it! Not...

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How to Wear a Blazer outside the Office

casual jigsaw blazer

The depth of your closet is not measured by the number of pieces you own, but rather by each pieces' versatility. The most versatile and popular jacket in women’s fashion right now is the blazer. Whilst the blazer is commonly associated with office work, a blazer is the perfect staple item in both men’s and women’s wardrobe for a sophisticated but casual everyday look – outside the office. How you combine a blazer with other garments in your wardrobe shows off your personal flair and allows you to express yourself whilst maintaining a stylish edge. There are many ways to suit up and follow this trend. Below are five looks to help you rock the blazer with style! Boyfriend Style The boyfriend look is easy to achieve and is the perfect everyday shabby...

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Men’s Special: Fashion & Brands for Men

Fashion for Special Occasion by CoatHanger Stylist Suzanne Bernie

Whilst the high street tends to be dominated with brands predominantly catered towards women, it can often be hard to identify high quality stores that provide the everyday man with perfectly fitted garments depending on your body type. Do you find yourself not knowing where to start or walking aimlessly round the small men’s section of department stores? There are many well-known and trusted men’s brands that cater for all builds and frames; we’ve listed some of the best to give you a head start! Brands for Narrow Frames It is common that men with narrow frames may find it difficult to find clothes that flatter their figures and create shape, instead of opting for un-shapely clothes with excess material which will only extenuate your narrow figure. Dressing to create the illusion...

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London Street Style: The Best Looks from London Fashion Week 2016

Mannequins in a shop window

Finding style inspiration can be hard when you have very specific taste, which is why London Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to rediscover your love for fashion. London Fashion Week (19th-23rd February 2016) brought out the best in street style and will undoubtedly provide fashionistas and enthusiasts an array of outfits to take part in the trend. Street style is where we get to see how the runway looks are taken and pushed to the limits. It’s where self-expression and passion for fashion meet. Below we look at some of the top trends that were spotted in and off the runways. We explore how you can incorporate each one into your everyday wardrobe. Fringe A trend that is loved by celebrities and is once again a hot trend is fringe. This trend...

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Coathanger Loves…Grammys 2016!

selena gomez grammys 2016 outfit

Music’s biggest night of the year has come and gone, and what an explosive night it was! From touching David Bowie tributes to outstanding performances, the Grammys 2016 will be remembered as a truly talented evening. But it wasn’t the performances that stole the show for us; it was the stunning outfits walked down the red carpet that took our breath away! From dapper tailored suits to figure enhancing gowns, music wasn’t the only talent that everyone was talking about after the Grammys. Music’s hottest stars were beautifully styled by their celebrity stylists and hit home how a sensational outfit can transform your entire look. We loved the looks on the red carpet that much that we’ve made a guide on how you can look just as stylish as the celebrities! Selena Gomez...

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Runway To High Street: How Runway Collections Translate To High Street Fashion

runway fashion on the highstreet

Runways showcase collections from the most well-known and upcoming designers from all corners of the globe. Most upcoming trends originate from the runways and filter through to high street fashion, giving everyday people the option to get the hottest fashion from the runway for a fraction of the hefty price tag from their local high-street stores. As soon as a look is walked down the runway, high-street designers are coming up with ways in which the outfits can be tailored for our everyday lives and are not only available to those with a large amount of disposable income. Take this look from a runway recently: A gorgeous sheer material contrasted with the new hatchling neckline (see below) which can be transformed into everyday wear and become a hit on the high-street instantly....

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