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How To Wear Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery

what colour to wear in 2017

It’s that time of year again when we are already well into a new year and eagerly exploring ways in which we can inject Pantone’s color of the year into our wardrobes! Pantone’s colour of the year has been reflective of the current cultural climate since the early 2000’s; each year the chosen colour has historically influenced a multitude of different design elements including interior design and food – but especially fashion. This year, however, it is clear that the yellow-green hue is representative of the environment as 2017 is set to be the year of improved sustainability. For 2017, the Pantone color of the year is Greenery. 2016 was a year of many cultural changes all over the world and Greenery represents new beginnings and fresh starts which is very fitting for...

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How To Dress Better in 2017

We’re now well into 2017 …….. boy was it good to say goodbye to 2016!It’s that time of the year when we all feel ready to take time and a fresh look at ourselves, our diet, our fitness and our existing wardrobes.   The beginning of 2017 is a time to embrace yourself, learn how to express yourself through the contents of your wardrobe and feel more comfortable with that all important first impression. If your struggling doing it alone, here are a few good reasons why you should get it right for 2017:   First impressions are crucial in both social and professional situations, if you do not feel good in the clothes you are wearing and don’t feel you look good, then this will show in your body language Dressing according...

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Suzanne Bernie For Finery: An Insight Into A Fabulous Christmas

Suzanne Bernie has been in the press lately giving The Telegraph some style advice for their Christmas outfits, but her influence in the fashion industry does not stop there!   Finery recently reached out to Suzanne and asked, as a Finery wearer, if she would like to be part of their Star Power campaign this Christmas – and of course she said yes. Finery launched the campaign in order to give back to their loyal customers and bought in a team of 5 Finery wearers to try on their new collections whilst giving us an insight into their family traditions at Christmas time.   As one of London’s most sought after fashion stylist, Suzanne’s schedule can be very hectic so for her Christmas is a time for her to stop and spend quality time...

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Suzanne Bernie For The Telegraph: Styling The Perfect Christmas Outfit

suzanne bernie gives christmas style advice to the telegraph

Photo source: Andrew Crowley   IF you got your hands on a copy of The Telegraph this weekend you probably noticed our very own Suzanne Bernie starring in a fabulously festive feature! Christmas is approaching oh so quickly and it is no surprise that it’s the season to be stressed…   In order to banish any stress over the festive season, The Telegraph got together their super team of experts to explain how you can make Christmas fun again by outsourcing your festivities to the experts. Amongst the experts were Cynthia Gregoire, Pippa Jameson and Coathanger’s founder and head stylist Suzanne Bernie.   Suzanne was on hand to explain to The Telegraph the ultimate fashion faux pas when styling a Christmas outfit and how you don’t always have to buy something new to look sexy and...

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How to Dress For Party Season

With Christmas comes party season and the inevitable last minute panic for something glam after work before the shops shut! Start planning your outfit now so you can grab the latest releases and beat the rush without having to hope your size is still available closer to Christmas and New Year’s. Smart Sophistication If you want to step away from the norm of little black dresses or dresses simply aren’t your thing, there is a warmer way to style a sophisticated outfit without a statement dress. This cool, velvet, relaxed yet sexy trouser suit says it all and can be paired with flats or heels for an instantly chic look! Worn with a little lace vest and you’re ready to go. Velvet Trouser Suite @ Zara Alternatively, add a bit of colour with this...

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Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life

With John Lewis revealing this year’s Christmas advert…Christmas must be around the corner! With so much to plan and organise for this year’s festivities, it can be hard to come up with some creative but useful Christmas presents. Give your fashionista friend a present they actually want this Christmas and satisfying their style cravings with our top gift ideas… The Techy Friend - Personalise Yours We all have that one friend that is permanently glued to their phone, tablet or laptop no matter what the occasion. Help personalise your friend’s gadgets with a personalised tablet case of their favourite Instagram memories!   Order yours from Sticky9   The Friend Who Deserves a Break   Okay…I know we said no socks, but it’s not Christmas without them! Treat the lady in your life to a little luxury with these beautiful...

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A Guide To Fall Fashion: Fall Colours

mustard scarf for fall

Autumn is in full swing here in London and the change in style is noticeable all over the city. When temperatures start to plummet and we go on the hunt for our winter coats in what seems like our Narnia of a wardrobe, it’s important to start integrating fall colours into your wardrobe to keep up with the trends before winter is upon us! With brighter and shorter garments being safely stored away in the hope of a gorgeous summer the following year, more neutral and warm toned outfits are appearing in stores for the cooler autumn days.   There are a selection of colours often associated with fall that have made appearances historically on runways, as well as being incorporated into high street and high end fashion lines. In the latest...

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Why Hire A Personal Shopper In London?

london fashion stylist

When it comes to shopping, you either love it or hate. Whether it’s grocery shopping or clothes shopping, opinions are divided on the popular activity. Whether you’re a shopaholic or shop avoider, shopping is something that happens regularly in our everyday lives and cannot be avoided. With modern day life as fast paced and time consuming as it is, it can be hard to shop for even the most avid fashion lover! Maybe you are one of the ‘haters’, have a really busy lifestyle or would simply just like to delegate this task to someone else so you don’t have to do it! In this article we explore the main reasons why you should hire a personal shopper in London. Having the assistance of a personal shopper is especially helpful in...

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The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

buying clothes online

We’ve previously discuss the role online shopping plays in fashion…but what really are the pros and cons of online shopping? We give you the honest truth about shopping for clothes online; keep reading to find out whether we think online shopping is really the best way to shop for clothes!   Pros of Online Shopping Online shopping gives you the convenience of being able to shop on the go and from the comfort of your own home. Mobile devices now play such an active role in our everyday lives, being able to shop on the tube is a great convenience in our busy lifestyles. Savings can be made where you would usually spend money on petrol, public transport and food whilst you’re out and about. It’s convenient for people with busy lifestyles...

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Margot Robbie Inspired Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

margot robbie as harley quinn

Following on from last week’s article on how to dress like the Joker this Halloween, we’ve put together the perfect style guide for you to dress up as Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn!     Hair, Makeup & Accessories   Harley Quinn’s staple look consists of her trademark multi-coloured hair and corresponding makeup, the perfect quirky look for a Halloween party! During the Suicide Squad film we saw her with minimal makeup other than eyes and lips, but if you’re feeling more dangerous and glam we recommend you follow this tutorial by Nikki Tutorials.   [iframe id=""] If you’re lucky enough to already have mid to long blonde hair then copying Harley Quinn’s hair style will take you no time and effort at all! Simply put your hair into two ponytails and add the signature blue and...

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