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Corporate Styling

That all-important first impression is what counts and what you wear is crucial to making an impact on people around you.


Whether you’ve recently had a promotion, have started a new job or are looking for a career change, Coathanger’s ‘Corporate Styling’ experience takes the pressure off the time-consuming and often stressful search for that perfect work image. A perfect style direction will be created for you by reviewing and renewing your work wardrobe with the help of your very own corporate image consultant who will determine just what you need, and will show you all the best options, transforming your wardrobe for the next step in your working life no matter what it is.


After assessing your body shape, colouring and corporate lifestyle, Coathanger’s corporate image consultants will select an impressive, adaptable and inspiring range of outfits, suitable for all work commitments, taking you right through your working day to an evening of entertaining clients.


To ease your busy life, all your new outfits will be photographed allowing you to remember just how to piece together that knock-out corporate look.


Click here to book an image consultant or find out about our other personal styling services.



  • Full day 6 hours – £595
  • Half Day 4 hours – £495


Please call or email for further information





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