LGBT Styling Services | Coathanger
Coathanger offers personal styling services to members of the LGBT community. Learn how to express your unique style with expert Suzanne Bernie.
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LGBT Styling

Society can sometimes make it difficult for us to express ourselves in the way in which we would like to and dressing to fit the mainstream criteria is not for everyone and neither should it be!


At Coathanger we encourage you to be your true self, maintaining your true personality and expressive style. Our stylists understand that we are all individuals, each with different lifestyles and different fashion desires and wardrobe requirements.

Being fabulous without being over the top is a fine line but with a little honest and friendly advice, our stylist will show you just how to be  super stylish and if you wish, we will show you just how to be over the top and fabulous!!

It’s a win win!!


Please call or email for further information





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