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Coathanger offers personal styling, personal shopping and wardrobe detox services for new mums. Book your consultation.
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New Mum, New Style

After having a baby, your body shape may change or certainly take time to go back to what it was. Or, if you’re lucky enough to get your pre-baby figure back quickly then it could be your confidence that’s taken a knock. Understandably you will have been totally preoccupied with the new addition to the family that you could have lost touch with your old sense of style and need a little help! So it’s time to ditch the maternity wear and invest in some quality ME time.


Coathanger is here to help you get back to feeling like the old you and will choose a wonderful new image perfect for this new chapter in your life. One of our stylists will chat with you and build a personal profile based on to your lifestyle, body shape and budget. Ahead of your ‘New Mum, New Style’ experience they will identify the shops specific to you and pinpoint the collections and stores, ready for an unforgettable shopping experience, complete with a crash course in how to accessories and piece all of the outfits together. And if you can’t leave baby as you’re feeding, then your shopping experience can be adapted and baby can come too!!


By treating yourself to some all-important pampering, you will feel stylishly in control and ready to get back into the swing of life with your wonderful new addition!


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