Special Occasions: Get a Personal Stylist | Coathanger
Whatever the occasion, with the right style advice you will be the best dressed person in the room. Contact us today for expert fashion advice.
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Special Occasions

Special occasions call for a truly special look. Whether you want to find the wedding dress, shine at a wedding without upstaging the bride, sparkle at an awards ceremony or dazzle at a party, the Coathanger ‘Special Occasion’ experience is on hand to help.


This service will give you that knockout look, leaving you radiating with confidence. Your stylist will work one-on-one with you, your theme and any specific ideas you may have to source the ultimate outfit for you, your body shape, colouring, and of course the venue and the occasion.


Ahead of your appointment, your stylist will research all the shops and collections that will best suit you, from high-end designers, fabulous makers to vintage outlets, matching your expectations and budget and most importantly giving you that wow factor! Everything and anything is possible in creating a truly magnificent outfit for all special occasions.


Optional extras include:
Fittings, pick-ups and delivery of outfits as required.


Please call or email for further information





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