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Style Concierge Service

If you find you have very little time, can’t leave your desk or just hate the thought of going anywhere near a shop then take advantage of our amazing ‘Style Concierge’ service which will cover it all for you. All you need to do is fill out the confidential client information form which we will send you and then return it along with three full length photos of yourself. This allows us to get to know you better and in turn dress you according to your life style, body shape, colouring and of course budget.


If you prefer, your personal stylist will meet with you for a one-to-one consultation allowing them to get to know you better in order to know exactly what is needed. Your stylist will then shop for you and bring all your new garments to your place of work or home for you to try and together, you will decide what will be kept and what will be returned. goods are then paid for and all unwanted garments taken back by your stylist.


You will be left feeling stylishly free to get on with your day!



Please call or email for further information





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