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Style Presentations

Coathanger’s Style Presentations are bespoke to your audience and cover such topics as:


  • How to dress for work
  • How to stand out in the corporate world
  • Colours and shapes that most suit
  • How to accessories
  • Styling secrets


Held in the privacy of either the Harvey Nichols private styling suites or Westfield’s private fashion lounge, or if you prefer your very own offices, it is a hugely entertaining and exciting way to delight your invited guests or work colleagues.


After a champagne reception your guests will enjoy a style demonstration, have hands-on experience with accessorising and have the opportunity to ask all the questions they always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity to.


Your guests will then put it all into practice and will be split into smaller groups where they will enjoy a session with a personal stylist and any VIPs will be styled by Suzanne. Fun and interaction are the key to this great event and the audience can even bring in any existing fashion disasters they currently own for Suzanne to restyle or revamp! It really is a great way for your company to entertain guests or colleagues in the most memorable way possible and is available to both men and women.



Please call or email for further information





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