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Rejuvenate your wardrobe and revamp your style! Coathanger can help you reinvent your look with styles and colours that suit you.
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Style Therapy

Sometimes in life you just want a bit of a break and a chance to start anew. This refreshing new mind set goes hand-in-hand with a brand new style, or some well-needed fashion advice and fine-tuning. This is where Coathanger’s wonderful ‘Fresh Start’ styling experience comes into its own!


Our compassionate style consultants are ready to give you the confidence boost that you deserve, which allows you to re-invent yourself in a way you’ve never previously thought possible. Your style consultant will get to know the real you by compiling a bespoke personal profile before sourcing all your choices, then hitting the shops together. The focus is on what really makes you happy, enhancing your best features and bringing you alive with colour, interesting textures and new shapes.


A new image can often be just the ticket to re-energise you and is guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing; ready to take on the world with a whole new outlook, new found strength and determination! Book your session with a Coathanger style consultant now.


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