Styling for 50+ - Coathanger
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Styling for 50+

No matter what your age, here at Coathanger, we want you to look fabulous forever and with our Silver Service you can do just that.


We at Coathanger want to take the stress and hard work out of shopping. So whether your preference is for your Personal Stylist to begin by reorganising your existing wardrobe in deciding what should stay or be updated, or if you prefer to get straight into adding new outfits for your busy life.


Whichever your choice your Personal Stylist will make it happen.


Armed with ideas for your newly honed look, your Stylist will pre select everything for you ensuring your Shopping trip is not too energy draining or stressful.


Together you will head out on a shopping trip, visiting carefully selected shops to suit your budget and body shape as well as any specific restrictions.


If you tire easily a private room within Westfield can be organised where you can rest and where garments can be bought to you, or you can visit few shops before returning to the private lounge for a nice cup of tea.


You will see just how fun shopping can be, with a knowledgeable, patient and helping hand along the whole way, leaving you with a timeless image that will keep you looking wonderfully stylish, no matter what the day or occasion!


A car can be arranged to pick you up and take you home with all your purchases and if necessary regular breaks can be taken, no problem at all!


Please call or email for further information





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