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The Festival Season in Fashion

fashion advice for festivals

Those long warm summer evenings from May to September have led to a number of open aired concerts and festivals of live music for everyone to enjoy. The large crowds dancing and enjoying the music is what the festival atmosphere is all about and experiencing something unique.But let’s face it, the UK’s sunny weather is not guaranteed and sometime your festival experience turns into a public mud-bath and then people aren’t so jealous about your experiences! Everyone wants to be able to say, I saw this band or say I was there when and even did you see me on TV? What is Festival StyleThe filming and photos of festivals always focus’ on people that have their festival style bang on, so what is festival style?Mostly this means a little bit...

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Spring Summer 2013: Fun With Florals

summer florals for summer

Despite what the British weather keeps throwing at us, Spring is well and truly here with the onset of April. Whilst we might not be seeing the daisies and daffodils blossoming right now, florals have hit the high street hard in the past month!Full blooms are in every shop window at the moment, but not all flowers were created equal! There are a lot of matching tops and trousers this season, a brave fashion choice for anybody. Bomber jackets in black with colourful prints of petals are coming hand in hand with matching floaty trousers. The key to pulling off this difficult look is to keep it practical and casual, break the florals up with a plain top and wear the jacket open. Flats help keep the look casual too,...

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Paris Fashion Week – What We Learnt

fashion looks to take from paris runways

For those amongst us who aren’t familiar with the must-see fashion event in Europe, Paris Fashion Week is held twice a year in the French capital.  The dates change each year, but they always coincide with giving us a sneak peak at this year’s Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.  As the final show of the big four (following New York, London and Milan) the Paris Fashion Week has always had a romance and grandeur on the runways.This year’s exciting event kick started on February 26th at Carrousel de Louvre and was home for a short while to the lines of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Balenciaga (to name a few!)  This Autumn/Winter showing might seem a little early for these outside the fashion sphere, seeing as we’re only just now amassing...

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Professional Fashion – Striking The Balance Between Fabulous and Formal

how to look stylish in the office

Whether you’re starting a new job or you simply want to revamp your office attire, choosing a killer outfit for the workplace can be a daunting prospect.  You want to convey professionalism without too much frivolity, but without showing your character you risk being overlooked.  Striking the balance between fabulous and formal isn’t just important to help you look and feel great, but it can have a huge impact on your career progression.  Our outward appearance is what most people judge us upon, so don’t give them a chance to think of you as anything less than fabulous!If you work in a creative environment, you’ll likely find that you have far more license with your wardrobe.  Graphic design, marketing and (of course!) fashion; often give their employees a free reign...

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