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Coathanger offers personal styling, personal shopping and wardrobe detox services for teens. Book your consultation today.
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Teenage Dream

If you think your teenager could do with a style step in the right direction but the idea of dragging them around the shops fills you with dread, then the ‘Teenage Dream’ experience is just what you’re after.


Coathanger’s knowledgeable stylists will chat with both you and your teen to create a personal profile understanding exactly what it is you’re both after, aiming to strike a happy balance of the two. Armed with a stylist, your teen will be whisked off to London’s cool and exciting markets, trendy high street shops or vintage stores to source a killer wardrobe suitable for any prom, day at school, job interview or party.


This service is suitable for boys and girls aged 10 and upwards and is available for your teen to shop alone with a stylist. However we’re also happy for mum or dad to join for the full experience or dip in and out as necessary.


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